Roho Yukio

Roho Yukio, jap. 露鵬幸生, eig. Soslan Feliksowitsch Boradsow, kyrill. СосланФеликсовичБорадзов (* 9. March 1980 in Wladikawkas/Nordossetien) is a Russian Sumōringer.

Roho was after the Georgier Kokkai the second European in the Makuuchi - division, the point league of the Japanese Profisumō. He is the older brother of the Maegashira Hakurozan.

Roho, which originates from the Caucasus, won already as 18-jähriger the youth world championship in the struggle. It denied its first official Sumōkampf in May 2002. 2004 it reached the Juryo - division and took in March its first Make koshi, set its ascent thereafter however relatively unbeeindruckt away and could in its short time into the Makuuchi some good results already book. Already with its first tournament in September 2004 it received a price for special combat spirit (Kanto Sho).

Roho does not begin frequently Hatakikomi and similar techniques, although he quite possesses a Statur with 147 kg weight at 1,97 m body size, with which it the open test of strength to shrink from must.

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