Roland Heintze

Roland Heintze (* 29. April 1973 in Hamburg) is a German politician (CDU).

training and occupation

the Evangelical-Lutheran Heintze engaged itself into the late 1980er and early 1990er years in the church child and youth work. From 1991 to 1992 he was besides regional chairman of the pupils union Hamburg. After its Abitur at the High School Ohmoor in Hamburg never village, which he put down 1992, studied Heintze political science. During this time it was of at the beginning of of 1997 to beginning of 1998 regional chairmen of the boys European Föderalisten Hamburg (youth organization of the European union). As a scholarship holder of the journalistic promotion of young people of the Konrad Adenauer donation it locked this study 1999 as diploma Politologe and works since 2002 at a thesis to the E-Campaigning-activities of the parties in the election to the Bundestag fight 2002. Between autumn 1997 and at the end of of 1999 Heintze worked as scientific coworkers of a CDU citizenry delegate about middle class and household. At the same time it was active from in the middle of 1995 to at the end of of 2001 as a free economics journalist for different newspapers (among other things for that Hamburg evening papers, the world and the Financial of Time Germany). 1999 created Heintze the company Top Advice Heintze&Partner and became 2002 press speakers of the Mummert Consulting AG. Since 2003 is it acting partner of the Mummert Communications GmbH, which umfirmierte at the beginning of of 2006 to the Faktenkontor GmbH and twelve coworkers busily.


from 1994 to 2002 were Heintze member of the local committee Lokstedt/Niendorf/Schnelsen as well as from 1998 to at the beginning of of 2004 member of the district meeting Eimsbüttel. In the latter it was youth and sociopolitical speakers of the CDU and their deputy leader of the parliamentary group. Heintze is since autumn of 2004 Federal leaders of the LSU, in the same year successfully stood as a candidate it for the Hamburgi citizenry.

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