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Roland Koch
Roland cook

Roland cook (* 24. March 1958 in Frankfurt/Main) is since that 7. April 1999 Prime Minister of the country Hessen.

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cook originates from a political family. Already his father, Karl-Heinz cook, belonged to the hessian federal state parliament as a CDU politician and was from 1987 to 1991 hessian Minister of Justice. Grown up in Eschborn it lives stilltoday there with his wife Anke and the two sons Dirk and Peter. After the Abitur 1977 cook carries first his military service out off and began then a study of the jurisprudence, which he 1981 below the average period of study with firstand 1985 with the second legal state examination terminated. Since 1985 it is certified as an attorney. Specialized in economics and competition right he exercised this occupation until 1999.

Political career/development

1979 became a cook of youngest circle chairmen of the CDU (circle federation Main Taunus). Of 1983 to 1987 was it deputy Federal leaders of the boys union of Germany. Until 1993 cook in addition member were in the town councillor of his homeland municipality Eschborn. It was further member of the Kreistages in the Main rope US circle and there from 1989 to 1997 of chairmen of the CDUParliamentary group.

Since 1987 cook is as a delegate of the constituency 32 (Main Taunus I) member of the hessian federal state parliament. 1991 it became here first deputy chairmen and finally 1993 chairmen of the CDU federal state parliament parliamentary group. Since 1998 he is regional chairman of the CDU in Hessen.

In February 1999 a coalition from CDU and FDP won the hessian election of the federal parliament, cook as a leading candidate of the CDU became as a successor of the SPD politician Hans Eichel a hessian Prime Minister.

With the elections of the federal parliament in February 2003 cook in the office was confirmed, thoseSince that time CDU governs with an absolute majority without its past coalition partner.

Roland cook is member in the “white ring”, the organization for the support of criminality victims and for preventing of criminal offences. The culture-interested CDU politician has itself also as Mitinitiator of the “Darmstädter of communist manifesto”for the promotion of art and culture a name made and besides protector of the Heppenheimer is festivals.

Political positions

and pact

cook ranked among beginning of his political career to „the young wild ones of “its party, a group of new generation politicians,against the patriarchalischen style of leadership of Helmut Kohl revolted themselves. It is since 1979 member of the so-called „and pact “.

Double nationality

cook is considered as shining Rhetoriker; Critics accuse to him in addition, Populismus, for example in connection with oneSignature campaign during the election of the federal parliament fight 1999, when the CDU signatures collected against the double nationality for foreigners (S. Signature action against the reform of the German nationality right).

Donation affair

at the beginning of of 2000 came the hessian CDU in the wake of the country wide CDU donation affair into the headlines.It concerned illegal fortune of the national party abroad - spent as “Jewish legacies”. Cook knew nothing from the seventeen years old procedures according to own data and experienced from the machinations of its predecessors only to 12. January 2000.

The “brutalstmögliche clearing-up” became finally a negatively occupied word of the yearly (2000 on the 7. Place selected), when cook had to grant the “Sternsingerlüge in such a way specified”. It had to 10. January 2000 journalists despite repeated demand antedating a credit agreementover 2 millions D-mark concealed, which cash flow in the party bookkeeping should justify.

Cook got over this affair particularly with the help of its coalition partner at that time FDP, whose hessian regional organization under the guidance of the science minister Ruth held Wagner to cook. Cook state chancellery boss FranzJosef young, the present Federal Minister of Defense, had to vacate however its post.

Comparison of millionaires/Holocaust victims

to 12. It threw December 2002 ver.di - boss franc Bsirske forwards, in the wealth tax debate name enrich Germans to have called. In allusion on in the timethe national socialism he , this expressed imported Jew star “a new form of star at the chest” and “a bad parallel were at other times”, with which it released large excitement. Cook apologized later for this comparison.

Tax rebates for foreign elite

Attention excited cook at the beginning of March 2005 by its suggestion to grant to foreign point workers a tax rebate. The plan contains that foreign managers, who come again to Germany pay only 30 per cent of taxes on their content limited for three years. That would betwelve per cent less than the valid highest tax rate of 42 per cent. Of it cook expected additional acceptance for the stock exchange location Frankfurt, but became the demand of the opposition in view of 5 millions Unemployed person as “Lex field man “criticizes.

Subsidy dismantling

end of 2003 sketchedCook and the North-Rhine/Westphalian Prime Minister at that time Peer stone-bridge (SPD) a plan to the dismantling of subsidies, the so-called cook stone bridging paper. It saw starting from 2004 annual overall shortening by four per cent and/or. 15,8 billion euro forwards. Starting from 2007 the national should Assistance durably around 10.5 billion euro per year to be shortened. Although by means of the “lawn mower method” should be everywhere painted, and stone-bridge ranges took cook such as education, promotion of the middle class and medical supply out. Also the home of one's own extra pay, which meanwhile abolishedis, as well as the commuter lump sum should be reduced. Even in the question of the hard coal subsidies it came to a compromise, according to which starting from 2006 530 million euro should be painted. Different opinions represented cook and stone-bridge however regarding the exemption from taxes of night, layerand sunday work. Cook wanted to let the promotion run out, stone-bridges pleaded for their retention.


cook is friendly with the Dalai Lama, which visited him among other things 2005 in Hessen, and occurs for the rights of the Tibeter .

Privatisation of the university clinic2004 the hessian

federal state government with Roland cook decided a pouring and Marburg Mitte as driving Kraft to fuse the centralhessian Universitätsklinika in pouring and Marburg and to sell the university clinic pouring and Marburg GmbH developed again to a private operator. ThoseFusion of the two Klinika stepped to the 1. July 2005 into force, the negotiations with potenziellen buyers were initiated. Original prospective customers were the companies Helios, Asklepios, Rhön Hospital, Sanaa and refuge Schmidt Hospital. Long time applied Helios and Asklepiosas the favorites for the possible buyer in the not public Bieterverfahren. After a record time of less than six months became to 17. December 2005 the buyer of the hessian federal state government admits given: the Rhön clinical center AG has the university clinic for 112Million euro arose. Critics saw an under-cost price in this relatively small amount, are both locations (Marburg and pouring) nevertheless own boroughs at their locations.

Cook had itself in the year before the sales strong criticism on the part of the opposition in the hessianFederal state parliament and the person employed and work councils of the two Universitätsklinika pouring and Marburg leave fallen.

Cook expressed itself atomic power plants at the beginning of of 2006 to keep an option open for the building of new atomic power plants. It referred thereby to the neighboring country France, in which at presentthe nuclear power stations of the next generation were built.

Naturalization questionnaire

in March 2006 occurred cook to introduce a country wide naturalization test for immigration-willing foreigner who was to follow the principle “course - test - oath”.


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