Roland Kohl seed

Roland Kohl seed (* 24. May 1913 in Hamburg, † 1. February 1978 in mountain village with Hamburg) was a German Comiczeichner, Illustrator and an author.


Roland Kohl seed visited the college of arts and crafts in Hamburg after the material High School, in which it to the Lithografen, Painter and sculptor were trained. In the 30's he earned himself its living costs with the drawing of horse pictures, haven advice and landscapes. After its summoning as a soldier into the Second World War he worked after the war on a property as a horse male nurse and - painters. Forthe radio magazine radio-been awake developed 1953 for the first time a Comic Strip, a treatment of Erich Kästners Emil and the detectives. After renaming the sheet in TV hearing and seeing further Comics (Plisch and wipe and Tele wiping) developed. For the magazine new sheet arrangedit in addition the joke side.

it received 1953 from the pictorial star the order to sketch a Comic for its child supplement asterisk which became its largest success. The rubber horse developed for Jimmy (first: Julio and Jimmy), the longest Comic series in German Comic history, thoseuntil 1977 appeared.


  • Jimmy the rubber horse, Hamburg, Fortsetzungscomic, 1953-1977
  • Plisch and wipe, Fortsetzungscomic, 1959-1961

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