Roland Moed

Roland Moed (* 8. January 1961 in Frankfurt/Main) is a German painter, sculptor and a writer, who accomplish also occasional art actions and performances.


Moed studied from 1981 to 1987 in Darmstadt screen end art, afterwards Germanistik and psychology to the Johann Wolfgang Goethe university Frankfurt.

Its first works were affected by the spirit and style of the “new wild ones “around the group of artists of the *Mühlheimer Freiheit*. In abstractly ungegenständlichen works Roland began to approach Moed to the nature of the Seins. The works accepted increasingly philosophical courses.

1992 began to integrate Roland Moed Stacheldraht into its pictures. It wrote a “material aesthetics Stacheldraht”, began lectures to hold and to exhibitions in Frankfurt/Main, Cologne, Berlin, Basel and France was pointed. He became free coworker of the three-land newspaper (borderspreading supplement of the Basler newspaper) and wrote regularly over art and culture.

1994 resettled Roland Moed to France . In the separatingness of the südfranzöischen Corbiers prick wire objects with a lyric character developed. It published in the Swiss world week. 2001 published Roland Moed in Basel the interdisciplinary art and literature magazine Enterview . In addition created, but soon already adjusted edition the interdisciplinary also its poem volume appeared the gesture. It illustrated “loud and luise” from Ernst Jandl.

it resettled 2004 to Berlin.


  • art initiative Lorch: Annette Bender, Roland Moed point pictures to the topic dualism: Catalog to the exhibition of 23. May to 14. June 1992, museum of the city Lorch on the Rhine. Lorch on the Rhine: Breitwieser, point by 1992.
  • Roland Moed: Humans, humans, humans. Lorch on the Rhine: Point by o.J. [1994] ISBN 3-928603-12-4
  • Roland Moed: The gesture: a word dance in twenty-in motion. o.O. [Basel]: Edition interdisciplinary 2002 ISBN 3-906478-00-9

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