Roland of Hösslin

Roland Heinrich of Hösslin (* 21. February 1915 in Munich; † 13. October 1944 in Berlin executed) was a German officer of the armed forces and resistance fighter.

Roland of Hösslin was born 1915 as a son of an old Kavallerieoffizierfamilie.

With 17 years it occurs 1933 the realm resistance and becomes Fahnenjunker in the rider regiment 17 in Bamberg.

1936 transport to the second lieutenant.

1939 during 2. World war, participation as a first lieutenant and aide in the clearing-up department 10 at the Poland campaign.

Late teacher at the armored troops school in Krampnitz with potsdam.

By March July 1941 Ordonnanzoffizier at the staff of the German Africa corps in Tripolitanien under general field marshal Erwin Rommel.

In August 1941 appointment as the boss of the 3. /Aufklärungsabteilung 33.

In February 1942 transport to the captain.

To 12. July 1942 heavy Verwundung as leaders of the clearing-up department 33 and award of the knight cross.

In February 1944 commander of the officer applicant training department 24 in Insterburg (East Prussia). Inaugurated in April 1944 it by his former regiment comrade Claus count give by Stauffenberg into the revolution plans of the conspirators against Adolf Hitler. It is to occupy important buildings in case of a successful revolution with its unit in East Prussia (military district I) and to lead measures against the LV regime.

At the 1. August 1944 takes place the transfer after Meiningen (Thuringia), from Hösslin to the major is carried.

To 23. August 1944 arrest by the Gestapo in Meiningen, late dismissal from the armed forces.

To 13. October 1944 condemnation by people's court under the president Roland Freisler and in the afternoon of the same daily execution by the strand in Berlin Plötzensee.

In the cathedral of Bamberg a Gedenktafel reminds Roland of Hösslin of the five “Bamberger riders”, who left their life in the fight against the LV regime, among them also.


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