Rolf Büssecker

Rolf Büssecker (* 18. December 1948 in Heidelberg) is a German author and Pfälzer dialect poet.

Büssecker was born in Heidelberg and buildup in green city in the Pfalz . For quite some time he lives in leg the home with Frankenthal.

From youth Büssecker poems, since center of the 1980er years also on Palatinate, writes whereby he prefers the Endreimform. In this literature kind it made itself a name. Regularly it participates in the dialect contests of bucking home, THEN city, Gonbach and Herschberg . Until 2004 it won thereby against thirty prices. It was particularly successful in Gonbach, where it 1996, 1997, 2000, 2002 and 2004 of the 1. Price was awarded.

Büsseckers usually knappe of poems meet always and are predominant from cheerful kind - as it -, but understand themselves it also on the more serious tones. Its warm voice and its subtle lecture art are with its fans famous and in the poet circle recognized. One of its favourite topics, with which he really controls all shades as an author, are the women. It remembers its early the deceased nut/mother, praises the wife, karikiert the femaleness as a guide or enticed, and if it presents its dream woman, then there is always endless applause.

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