Rolf Breuer

of these articles treats the literature scientist Rolf Breuer; for the bank manager of the same name see Rolf e. Breuer.

Rolf Breuer (* 13. October 1940 in Vienna) is a German Anglist and literature theoretician.


Breuer attains a doctorate 1967 with the thesis the function of the nature descriptions in the centralEnglish verse romances at the University of Goettingen. Subsequently, he works as an assistant on the University of Regensburg, until he habilitiert himself there 1975. Between 1976 and 1977 he is a guest professor at the university of Massachusetts, Amherst. Afterwards it represents the Anglistik chair to 1978 at the University of Bamberg, in the year after those the University of Marburg. Since 1979 he is a professor at the University of Paderborn. Its main points of work are appropriate for the literature of the romance on the literature theory , in England, the literature and regional studies of Ireland, on Samuel Beckett, more contemporarily metafiction, consequence novels as well as on REWRITEs.

publications (selection)

  • the function of the nature descriptions in the centralEnglish verse romances. Goettingen 1968.
  • Together with Rainer Schöwerling: The study of the Anglistik: Technology and contents. Munich 1974 (Beck' elementary books).
  • The art of the paradox: Sense search and failure with Samuel Beckett. Samuel Beckett to 70. Birthday. Munich 1976 (critical information; Volume 45).
  • Literature: Draft of an communication-oriented theory of the linguistic work of art. Heidelberg 1984 (Britannica et Americana; Consequence 3, volume 5).
  • Together with Uwe Böker and refuge Breuer: The classical authors of the English literature: Of Geoffrey Chaucer to Samuel Beckett. Duesseldorf 1985 (ETB; 10039: Hermes Handlexikon).
  • Tragic action structures: A theory of the tragedy. Munich 1988.
  • Night, day: Prosa. Paderborn 1993 (hedgehog edition 2000; Volume 2).
  • Like (e) those countings: Prosa. Oldenburg 2002.
  • Ireland. An introduction to its history, literature and culture. Munich 2003 (UTB; Volume 2406).
  • Samuel Beckett. An introduction. With unpublished photographs of William Pabst. Munich 2005.

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