Rolf Italiaander

Rolf Italiaander (* 20. February 1913 in Leipzig; † 3. September 1991 in Hamburg) was a German writer, translator, an explorer, a Ethnograf as well as an author of child and youth books.



Italiaander wurde nach seiner Geburt von einer Familie in den Niederlanden adoptiert. There he spent also his childhood and youth. In recent years it went to the continent, which should fascinate it its life long to the Fremdenlegion, whereby it came early into contact to Africa. In later years worked on humanitarian projects among other things with Albert Schweitzer.

In the third realm Italiaander wrote nationalistic books, for example over Götz of Berlichingen and Manfred von Richthofen, in addition, over the German Segelflug (Italiaander already visited with 15 years the sail flight school Rositten). To what extent Italiaander national socialist was today disputed, it called themselves after the war „internal resistance fighter “and „victims of the national socialism “- so the LV guidance was to have criticized that Göring did not emerge in its books.

After the Second World War Italiaander in Reinbek established itself with Hamburg, where he created the free academy of the arts with Hans Henny Jahnn and other one. it lent itself to 1964 the Hans Henny Jahnn price.

„The museum Rade “created Italiaander 1970 in Rade in a former Hufnerhaus of the property Wulksfelde. 1987 were shifted the museum to Reinbek into a period of promoterism mansion, the old names remained thereby however. It is operated since Italiaanders death by the donation Rolf Italiaander/Hans Spegg. Italiaander did not make public attention from its homosexual relationship with Hans Spegg of time life - he did not conceal her however also.


of works concerning its collection

  • of the hooves to the museum. Museum Rade in the nature park Oberalster, Tangstedt, 1973
  • naive art and folklore. Edition museum Rade in the nature park Oberalster, Tangstedt, 1977
  • art collecting tanks, lucky humans. Experiences with artists, pictures, sculptures in all world, Duesseldorf, 1985.

political and ethnografische writings

  • youth in front before the life, 1933
  • wolf Hirth, 1935 Segelflug
  • in all world, 1936 Manfred
  • baron von Richthofen, tell the best flighter pilot of the large war, to 1938
  • Götz of Berlichingen, 1939
  • Banzai!, 1939
  • three German aviators. Elly leg refuge, Thea rapid one, Hanna Reitsch, 1940
  • Wegbereiter of German air validity. Nine life pictures, 1941
  • Italo Balbo, 1942
  • country of the contrasts, 1953
  • when leaves you, white man?, 1954
  • in the country Albert Schweitzers, 1954
  • the restless continent, 1958
  • black skin in the red grasp, 1962
  • the Friedensmacher, 1965
  • race conflicts in the world, 1966
  • peace in the world - however how?, 1967
  • life decision for Israel, 1967
  • Terra dolorosa - change in Latin America, 1969
  • Albania - Vorposten China in Europe, 1970
  • look for the peace and hunt for it after, 1970
  • the new gentlemen of the old world, 1972

child and youth books

  • (no meaning) and Bongo of the Congo
  • the assault on the seeing era school
  • the white Oganga
  • river gypsies
  • of brothers spring on Tippeltour
  • Hans and Jean
  • Himmel without borders
  • always under full sail!
  • Mubange, the boy from the jungle
  • of desert foxes
  • Zipp Zapp Zeppelin. A Kinderbuch by the Bodensee


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