Rolf Schult

Rolf Schult (* 16. April 1927 in Berlin) is a German actor and synchronous speaker.

Schult completed his training at the play school Hanover as well as the there academy for music and theatre. After its theatre debut ebenda North Rhine-Westphalia excellent actor Engagements first to Bochum and Cologne led the 1959 with the new generation art price of the country and finally to the Schillertheater in Berlin, to which it belonged long years. 1970 were appointed Schult the citizen of Berlin state actor. Apart from its intensive stage activity appearances resulted only rarely into film and television as in its role as Joachim gentleman man in the television play who too late come… over the days of the wall case.

A broad public is particularly well-known Schult by its salient voice. Since 1965 it is extensively in the synchronisation active and the German standard voice for numerous fremdsprachige colleagues such as Robert Redford (nearly always), Patrick Stewart (last in the change with Ernst Meincke) or Anthony Hopkins (e.g. into the silence of the lambs; since Hannibal Hopkins is synchronized by its colleague Joachim Kerzel). Beyond that it synchronized innumerable well-known of star such as Marlon Brando (Superman), Yul Brynner (Catlow), Clint Eastwood (Dirty Harry, Sadistico), genes Hackman (NO way out or Poseidon inferno), Peter Sellers (let me kiss your butterfly) or Donald Suez ago country (among other things in JFK - Scene Dallas or Outbreak). In the meantime Rolf Schult except for few exceptions has itself (v.a. Robert Redford) withdrawn from synchronizing.

In addition one hears its unmistakable, easily hoarse working organ in numerous hearing books, advertising spots, radio plays and TV reports. Also it borrowed its voice to the music project E Nomine.

His son Christian Schult, whose voice a completely similar Timbre has, is likewise active as synchronous speakers. Schult's cousin is the actor and synchronous speaker Peer Augustinski.

film and television (selection)

  • 1960 - the bald singer
  • 1974 - special department c1: Friedhofsballade
  • 1982 - Mrs. Jenny Treibel
  • 1986 - migrations by the Mark Brandenburg (TV-Mehrteiler)
  • 1987 - the port detective
  • 1990 - who comes too late - the Politbüro experiences the German revolution

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