Novel Cycowski

novel Cycowski (* 25. January 1901 in Łódź; † 9. November 1998 in Palm jump) sang the Bariton in the citizen of Berlin ensemble Comedian Harmonists.


Cycowski grows up in at that time Russian Łódź. Its family is Jewish faith. It begins to sing already early in the synagog. During the First World War Cycowski of a German officer learns the German language. Cycowski decides to take up those after the war Polish city become too abandoned and in Berlin a music study. Its dislike against Poland prevents it to ever visit its family. It remains however deeply religious.

After its study it sings in choirs, theatres, operas and at silent movie times also in cinemas. In the large Schauspielhaus he becomes acquainted with air Leschnikoff and Robert Biberti . Over the two it arrives 1926 at the Comedian Harmonists. 1935 are forbidden the ensemble because of its Jewish members. Cycowski emigrates 1941 to Los Angeles . It creates a Nightclub, however soon bankruptcy goes.

It becomes Kantor of the orthodox synagog in Los Angeles and trains singers . After the Second World War it experiences that three of its brothers and sisters the National Socialist genocide fell to the victim. Only one sister survived in Auschwitz. 1947 it becomes Kantor of the Beth Israel temple in San Francisco. 1971 at the age of 71 years it gives its office up as Kantor and pulls after Palm jumps. But it accepts a Kantorstelle there from love for its occupation soon again. 1998 it dies 97jährig in Palm jumps.

In Joseph Vilsmaiers film Comedian Harmonists Cycowski of Heino Ferch one embodied.

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