Novel horn

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canton: Thurgau
district: Arbon
BFS NR.: 4436
postal code: 8590
coordinates: 47° 34 ' n. Break.
9° 23 ' o. L.
Height: 406 m and. M.
Surface: 8,7 km ²
inhabitants: 9179 (31. December 2005)
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novel horna municipality is in the district Arbon of the canton Thurgau in Switzerland.

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the oldest traces of the place going on the year 779 back. The old person church is stilltoday a witness of the past. Novel horn was long centuries an important “outguard” of the monastery pc. Gallen. The village developed however only then precipitously, when a ship port reached built and the railway 1855 from Zurich the place. Thus the traffic place novel horn was born, which movedTimes with heights and depths experienced and the place to lives and earnings/services brought.


novel horn is an attractive municipality on the southern upper Bodensee bank. The “city at the water” counts approximately 8400 inhabitants. The place is favoured by its excellent Verkehrslage.Eine car ferry connects novel hornwith Friedrichshafen courses drive toward Rorschach, Winterthur, pc. Gallen and Kreuzlingen. The novel horns ship port is the largest at the Bodensee. Like are also the maintained park plant thanks of good traffic facilities are novel horn also an attractive starting point for travels and journeys. Novel horn has also a landschaftlich delightful hinterland. Particularlyof importance are the multiple educational facilities at the place, in addition, the rich offer at leisure facilities to water and to country. A modern ice-resounds belonged to the sporty offer like a much visited seaside resort. Novel horn is likewise an ideal starting point for Wanderer, Skater and Biker.

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novel horn was once its own “railroadman village”. Meanwhile from it a modern industrial place is become with broad diversification: Kunststofferzeugnisse, machine industry, chemistry, Pharma, etc. Since it concerns smaller and middle enterprises throughout, the living quality could keep their high standard. In approximately 600 enterprisesaround the 5000 jobs are offered. Of great importance one is also the service sector. Novel horn is owing to its good accessibility also a central training and place in the Oberthurgau.

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