of these articles describes the Austrian honor Romy. For the first name see to Romy (first name)

the Romy is a Austrian television price, which is assigned by the daily paper courier for memory of the well-known Austrian actress Romy cutter since 1990. The winners become depending uponCategory selected by the television public or a jury. To 22. April 2006 was already assigned the Romy to the 17.mal, in altogether 18 categories.

statistics & strange:

  • Most Romys
7 Romys: Armin Assinger
6 Romys: Christiane Hörbiger & Tobias Moretti
5 Romys: Ingrid Thurnher
4 Romys: Ottfried Fischer & Hugo Portisch
  • longest victory series
of Armin Assinger won from 2000 - 2005 each year a Romy.

In the year 2006 Moritz kept its second Romy remain faithful as most popular actors. With the after Show-party allegedly the Romy is to have been stolen from him, howit nearly to a fight came, when it regained it at the table of Alex Scheurer.

Presented with the award 1998 Marcel Prawy platinum Romy for the life's work of Otto give in a courier Plastiksackerl. This was an allusion on the habit of the opera connoisseur, manyTo keep things in Plastiksackerln.

1996 came it to the so-called “Grapsch affair”. O. W. Fischer, who was distinguished in this year for the life's work, is to have seized building master wife Christine liar to the knee, which has him “along-feeling, dear fishing rod eight “.

The only wooden Romy received 1995 Reginaldof Ravenhorst, the shepherd dog Rex from “commissioner Rex “, which in this year series star most popular as that was honoured except competition.

The probably most romantic moment in Romy history found 1994, as Wolgang Fiereck with its Romy honor as a most popular series star its friend Djamilacurrent camera asked: „You want to become my wife? “. The proposal was accepted.


the 24karätig gilded Romy Statuette is 31.5 cm highly, weighs scarcely Kilos and stands on a Edelserpentin base. It was formed after a film scene out of the Swimmingpool, in thatRomy cutter a carrier arranges itself.


    • best TV-film: Urs Egger “the return of the dance teacher “
    • best TV-documentation: “Zero eight forty - the play of the life” Helmut Voitl
    • best program idea: “Dorfers thundering alkeneAlfred villages (3.Romy), Erich Schindlegger & Florian Scheuba
    • best direction: Johannes Fabrick “centrifuge trauma”
    • best producer: Johann Lüftner, Thomas Bogner & Roland Loibl “Sunshine airline”
    • best camera: Hans Günther Bücking
    • best book: Jo Baier of swabia children
    • special price of the jury: Thomas Brezina “researcher express”
    • platinum Romy for the life's work: Fritz Muliar
  • 1994
    • most popular actress: Marianne Mendt
    • of most popular actors: Karl Heinz Hackl
    • most popular series star: Wolfgang Fiereck
    • Beliebteste/r Nachrichtenmoderator/in: Walter Schiejok
    • of most popular Showmaster: Rainhard Fendrich
    • Beliebteste/r Programmansager/in: Sabine Petzl
    • Beliebteste/r Sportmoderator/in: Sigi miner
    • best program idea: Olive Baier “Montevideo”
    • best direction: Bernd Fischerauer
    • best producer: Veit Heiduschka
    • best camera: Walter Kindler
    • best book: Ulli Schwarzenberger
    • platinum Romy for the life's work: Hans Joachim Kulenkampf
    • best program idea: Elizabeth T. Spira “everyday life stories”
    • best direction: Lucky Schmidtleitner
    • best producer: Karl Spiehs
    • best camera: Stephan Mussil
    • best book: Thomas Pluch
    • Platinum Romy for the life's work:Gerd Bacher
    • Best program idea: Ernst Wolfram Marboe
    • best direction: Karin Brandauer
    • best producer: Rudolf sounding ear
    • best camera: Karl Kofler
    • best book: Felix Mitterer
    • best program idea: Linda Winiewicz
    • best direction: Paulus Manker
    • best producer: Otto Pammer
    • best camera: Helmut Pirnat

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