Romy Kermer

Olympische Ringe
ice art running
silver of 1976 pairs

Romy Kermer marries Austria (* 28. June 1956 in Chemnitz) is a German Eiskunstläuferin and Eiskunstlauftrainerin.

Romy Kermer began with the ice art running in Karl Marx city. It began also here with the pair running with Trainerin Irene salt man. Their partner was Tassilo Thierbach. It went 1972 to Berlin and trained there at the sports club direct current generator Berlin with Heidemarie stone he roll ago. Romy Kermer started however still 1973 for the sports club Karl Marx city and changed officially only in this year to the sports club direct current generator Berlin. It thus always started for the GDR. Their ice art run partner in Berlin was Rolf Austria. The pair Kermer/Austria won those silver medal with the olympic plays 1976 in Innsbruck.

Romy Kermer and Rolf Austria married after their active ice art running time. Romy Kermer became Trainerin at the sports club Berlin.

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