Ron Clarke

Ronald Ron William Clarke (* 21. February 1937 in Melbourne/Australia), former Australian athlete, who was into the 1960er years one of the best central and long-distance runners of the world. Admits became it for its 17 world records, in addition, but that it never succeeded to it to reach gold medal with the olympic plays. With olympic summer games the 1964 in Tokyo it won the bronze medal however over the 10.000-Meter-Distanz.

Its problem was perhaps the tactical flexibility lacking. It always denied its a running with a high initial speed. With this escape forward it did not go to all complications at the beginning of running out of the way, to the end handed it then however often any longer. The public mostly did not love it for it, with large championships handed it then.

1956 were allowed Clarke as promising Jungathlet the olympic fire into the stadium of Melbourne during the opening ceremony to olympic summer games to carry.

Clarke is a mayor of the municipality gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.


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