Ronald Delany

Ronald Michael Delany (* 6. March 1935 in Arklow) is a former Irish athlete and olympia winner.

Delany studied Elliott at the mansion new facts University in the United States of America and trained from the well-known jumbo jet. Its first remarkable appearance was a placing in the final of the 1500-Meter-Laufs at the European championship 1954 in Berne. 1956 it was the sieved runner, which ran a mile under 4 minutes.

In the same year it qualified itself also for XVI. Olympic summer games in Melbourne. With the final run it remained the first rounds closely behind the Australian John Landy, to which as huge favorite went on its homeland distance into running. In the last round it tightened the speed noticeably and it succeeded in John Landy to overhaul. Its victory represented also at the same time a new olympic record. The silver medal went to the German Klaus Richtzenhain and bronze at John Landy. Delany was since Bob Tisdall 1932 the first Irish, who won gold medal in the Leichtathletik.

With the European championship 1958 in Stockholm it won the bronze medal in the 1500-Meter-Lauf. Anschliessemd resumed it its sporty career in the USA. It won 4 AAU - titles over a mile in consequence, three NCAA - titles and 4 Irish national championships.


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