Roosevelt Iceland (N.Y.C)

Roosevelt Iceland is a small island in the middle in the East River in New York town center. The island originally carried the name Welfare Iceland and belongs today to the quarter Manhattan.


the island accommodated originally penal establishments and hospitals, which moved in the course of the years, as for example the penal establishment, which is today on Rikers Iceland. 1968 activated the mayor at that time of New York the idea, which unused and purging buildings umzugestalten to down-tear and the island into a populated area. The appropriate (lease) contracts were locked 1969 and in planning developed a populated area practically without motor traffic. One underground which can be built should open the island.

The island received its current name Roosevelt Iceland to 1973. When the completion of the blocks of flats approached and further only on the paper insisted the underground, as provisional solution an aerial ropeway was established, which was established 1976 and to 1989 the most important connection remained.

Beside the new blocks of flats, today still another hospital is on the island.


the island was opened in former times over an elevator plant (1970 dismantled) of the Queensboro Bridge. Since 1955 a semisolid connection with the mainland exists over a lifting bridge after Queens.

The island was planned as traffic-poor residential area (first residential complex 1975 finished) and tied up 1976 with the Roosevelt Iceland Tramway, a wire ropeway, at Manhattan. Only to 29. October 1989 was finished before those already for a long time promised underground. Since that time is the New York Subway of the main traffic carriers between the island and the other quarters, while “The Tram” represents in the meantime above all a tourist attraction.

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