Pink Mota

pink Mota (* 29. June 1958 in postage) is a former Portuguese light athlete and ranks among the best marathoners at all.

It began during its school time to participate in CROSS running (area runs). 1980 met it Pedro Pedrosa, that man, who would be up to the end of their sport career their personal coach. At the athlete IC European championships in Athens in the year 1982 for the first time a marathon race for women took place at international title fights. It was also Motas first marathon race at all. It belonged not to the favorites, won however a running.

At the olympic plays 1984 in Los Angeles it won the bronze medal. Further successes were the European champion title 1986 and the world champion title 1987. Their career crowned it with the victory with the olympic plays 1988 in Seoul.

It withdrew 1990 , but trains it today still each day. It received the Abebe Bikila - to price for its advancement of long distance training methods. “A nossa Rosinha” (sometimes our small pink ones, like it by its compatriots one calls) is one of the most well-known Portuguese sport personalities at all, beside Eusébio, Carlo Lopes and Luís Figo.

Before the olympic plays 2004 in Athens it carried a piece far the olympic torch/flare. Pink Mota engages itself for different charitable organizations and was member of the Portuguese parliament.


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