Roscoe Tanner

Roscoe Tanner (* 15. October 1951) is a former US-American tennis player.

Its largest success as tennis players was 1977 the profit of the Australian open. As Serve and Volleyspieler for him the Rasenplätze were appropriate and in such a way created he it also 1979 in the final of Wimbledon, where he the large Björn borrow at edge a defeat brought.

It won altogether 16 tennis tournaments and 1981 with the American team the Davis Cup. In the year 1984 it withdrew from the tennis sport. Like some former tennis professionals it did not get along after the end of its career with the life and had continual financial problems. 2003 he was condemned by a court in Florida to 10 years on probation, because he had committed cheque fraud. In addition it because of heavy theft and falsification of documents before court stood. Also it had not followed the obligation to pay alimony opposite its daughter. 2006 it had to begin a two-year term of imprisonment because of offence against probation editions.


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