Rose McGowan

rose McGowan (* 5. September 1973 in Florenz, Italy) is an US-American actress, who admits particularly by its role of the Paige Matthews in the TV serial Charmed became.

Rose McGowan was born as a daughter of a French nut/mother and an Irish father, as the secondaryoldest of six children. Both parents belonged to a new religious movement . Their parents let themselves be separated however, and rose McGowan pulled with nine years after Gig Harbor and learned also only then English in Washington. Their years on the High School she spent in Seattle, where it strike her father before had.

Rose McGowan was at first particularly noticeable by dark, malicious and violent roles in films like “sugar-sweet death “. Attention excited it also by its public romance with the shock Rocker Marilyn Manson. Thus it presented itself at its arm for example very generously and up-attractive, by carrying material-poor, pofreie and transparent dresses with meetings.

2001 to 2006 became the role of the Paige Matthews in the TV serial “Charmed - charm-clung witches “with rose McGowan occupies. It began thereby to a certain extent the follow-up of Shannen Doherty , whose figure in the series found death.

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