Rose pride

rose pride
establishment: 1991
category: Skirt/Pop (Mondänpop)
singing: Anna R
Peter Plate

rose pride is a German group of music from Berlin, itself around the singer AnNa R originating from east Berlin and in West Germany grown up Songschreiber and singer Peter Plate formed. On German sung songs predominantly represents a mixture from Pop and skirt , whereby the texts are times crude, times melodramatisch. Often the music style is called by rose pride also Mondänpop.

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volume history

rose pride played at the beginning before very small public, often from the so-called. Scene coming. Their first concert they gave October 1991 in the gallery to Bellevue in Berlin with scarcely 30 visitors. With onetheir concerts in the citizen of Berlin gay center SchwuZ they were still ausgebuht 1992. An untiringly active fan club stuck at this time in completely Berlin hundreds of posters for the appearances of the Duos and contributed substantially to their increasing cult status.

As Diva giving the Anna Rbecame to 25. December 1969 in Berlin Friedrichshain born and buildup in a Jewish family in east Berlin . The entrance examination at the school of music Friedrichshain was a miss, perhaps also because it with a Song of Whitney Houston applied and their being correct extent hardly two Oktaven enclosure.Before its break-through as a singer she worked as Chemielaborantin and as Musikhändlerin, in order to finance their singing training. Anna R. it was also, the names “rose pride” interspersed. Peter Plate suggested, probably A&P” first as name for the duo the initials of the two, “asironical allusion on a NO name mark of a food company. Since is it married 2002 with Nilo new yards, which led the direction in many videos of the group (e.g. I want to fall in love).

Openly stifling living Peter Plate, at the 1. July 1967 in new Delhi was born andbefore its removal to Berlin 1990 longer time among other things in Goslar and Braunschweig had lived, tried before the establishment of the Duos rose pride than singers and published 1989 among other things two “albums”, which came out however only on music cartridges in small edition. A solo appearance hadit 1991 in at that time the gay magazine “Andersrum one radiated in the citizen of Berlin transmitter FAB, where it sang a song with the title “nut/mother, you has me left”. At the 1. June 2002 he married its (since 1990) friend of many years Ulf Leo summer, also as a producer,Composer and Texter for rose pride are active.

Rose pride spread from the outset a stifling erotisches climate on its concerts. This aura was passed to the public. Also today still - rose pride plays meanwhile in always sold off concert resounding and/or. Free air stages - this special relationship is thatVolume to the public keep remained.

After among other things the Radiosender Fritz promoted the volume rose pride, the popularity grew appreciably. Voucher for it are the disk sales and sold off tours, a concert before approximately 10,000 spectators in Nowosibirsk in May 1997 (on invitation of the Goethe Institute) just likean appearance 1998 with the national interlocutory decision to Eurovision the Song Contest, where they reached the second place. 2005 composed Peter Plate for Patricia Kaas the title heart of a fighter.

Now and then they take position in their songs also politically as to the Iraq war inYears 2003 with the title “sound” or already 1999 with a completely personal statement to at that time straight discussed Homo marriage in the Heiratssong “, I wants” together with Hella of senses. In the pertinent video, with which Marcus star mountain direction led, the Duettpartner Hella and Peter stepsalso together with their genuine partners Cornelia cross-eyed and Ulf up.

To Coming out - they contributed film summer tower (2004) the Titelsong “welcome” from the album heart .

Likewise 2004 synchronizes it as guest star South Park - consequence of “ass faces” also. And their album „heart “(of 0 upPlace 1, after 8 weeks platinum) is the most successful German album of the yearly 2004.

They receive the ECHO 2003 for the “best artist Web PAGE” lent. 2005 became them as “the best volume”, for their video the title I does not get ahead at you not as “the bestVideo - national ", as well as “best producers” (Peter and Ulf) nominates.

After a one year's break Anna and Peter announce themselves 2006 with her new album “the large life” (VÖ: 3. March 2006) and the first single from it “I am I (we are we)” again. InYear 15. Volume anniversary follows among other things a route by the German-speaking countries with 3 concerts in the citizens of Berlin rooting heath - to 12. April was the route start. The second single from the success album is not “anything from all that (wrong does to me)” and appears to 26. May2006.



year album Chart placements label note
1992 Soubrette wird' I never -- -- -- Polydor limits 100 pieces of new editions 1993 and 2002
1994 only once still -- -- -- Traumton/Indigo
1994 gentle leaders -- -- -- Traumton/Indigo limits 100 pieces
of 1995 Wednesday is' it due -- -- -- Traumton/Indigo
1996 object of the longing -- -- -- Polydor new edition 2002
1997 the Schlampen are tiredly 31 -- -- Polydor new edition 2002
1997 rare pieces -- -- -- Dream clay/tone Compilation
1998 everythingGood - the best of 1992 - 1998 10 -- -- Polydor Compilation - new editions 2001 and 2004
1999 rare pieces 2 -- -- -- Dream clay/tone Compilation
of 1999 sugars 2 -- -- Polydor new edition 2002
1999 Zuckerschlampen live one 5 -- -- Polydor Compilation
2000 cash poison 1 -- -- Polydor new edition 2002
2000 pride of the rose - the best and more -- -- -- Polydor Compilation
2002 power love 3 51 -- Polydor different editions
2003 live one from Berlin 11 -- -- Polydor simple and double CD
2004 heart 1 22 55 Polydor Iceland different editions
2006 the large life 1 1 10 Polydor Iceland 75,000 sold in first week further

publications to copies:

Further unauthorisierte collections of older Songs appeared, as well as various new editions as Digitally rem-branch-talk & Digipack CD.

  • 2003 without words - the Karaoke CD (onlyover official fan club erhältilich)
  • to 2003 kiss of the thieves - producer master CUT CD with 5.1 dts TRACKs, music for adult
  • 2004 expecting SE nix - of producer master CUT CD with 5.1 dts TRACKs, music for adults
  • 2004 if you grow up, THERE music
  • 2006 moon kiss, THERE music


year title Chart placements note
To 1992 I go on glass -- -- -- Maxi CD
1993 Schlampenfieber -- -- -- Maxi CD
1994 kiss of the thieves -- -- -- Maxi CD
1994 only once still -- -- -- Maxi CD
1995 laughter -- -- -- Maxi CD
1995 Wednesday is it due -- -- -- Maxi CD
1996 the moment -- -- -- Promo CD
1996 Sex in the hotel -- -- -- Maxi CD and Vinyl Maxi
To 1997 I place yourself against the next wall (Monotonie)/The Schlampen is tired -- -- -- Maxi CD
1997 object of the longing/let it rain -- -- -- Promo CD [Digipack with 2 CDs]
1998 queen -- -- -- Maxi CD
of 1998 heart-beautiful/queen 34 -- -- Maxi CD
1998 laughter -- -- -- Promo CD
1998 Only once still '98/heart-beautiful -- -- -- 2 editions
1999 bead divers 40 -- -- 2 editions
1999 feed your fear/, I wants (Hochzeitssong with Hella of sense) 52 -- -- Maxi CD
1999 sugars III -- -- -- Promo CD
1999 other feeling of pain -- -- -- Promo CD
2000 Amo Vitam 19 -- -- 2 editions [Maxi CD and Remix CD]
of 2000 children of the night 63 -- -- Maxi CD
2001 totally Eclipse (with Marks of Almond)/the black widow (with Nina Hagen) 22 -- -- 2 editions
2001 it könnt' a beginning its 8 -- -- 2 editions
2002 star rockets/power love 11 -- -- 2002 still pain 21 does 3 editions [Maxi CD, Remix CD, 2-Track-CD
] , DVD single and Vinyl Maxi -- -- 2 editions [sound edition and FrenchEdition]
2003 which I can do for your world 12 -- -- 2 editions [Maxi CD and Remix CD] and Vinyl Maxi
2004 love is all 6 47 -- 2 editions [Maxi CD and Remix CD]
2004 I want to fall in love 8 64 -- 2 editions [Maxi CD and liveCD]
2004 Willkommen / Der größte Trick 8 44 -- 2 Editionen [Maxi-CD und Remix-CD] und Vinyl Maxi
2004 Ich komm an dir nicht weiter 14 69 -- 2 Editionen [Maxi-CD und Remix-CD] und Vinyl Maxi
2006 Ich bin ich (Wir sind Wir) 2 5 16 2Editions [Maxi CD and Remix CD] and Vinyl Maxi


  • rose pride: Dear me, if you can, take me, take me completely. Dtv, Munich 1998, ISBN 3-42-320058-8



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