Rosie Douglas

Roosevelt Douglas (* 15. October 1941; † 1. October 2000 in Portsmouth) was a dominicanischer politician. In the year 2000 he was for eight months an Prime Minister of the Karibikinsel.

Douglas acquired itself during his political career the call a socialist Radikalreformers. With the parliamentary elections to 31. January 2000 it led the Dominica labour party to the victory against the governing United Workers party of Prime Minister Edison James. It formed a coalition with the moderate Dominica Freedom party and stepped at the 3. February 2000 James' follow-up in the office of the Prime Minister on.

After only eight months in the office Douglas at the 1 became. October 2000 dead in its house in Portsmouth found. It had returned only one day before from state visits to Australia, Taiwan, Canada and Jamaica.

For his successor minister of foreign affairs Pierre Charles was intended.


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