Red belly long-tailed monkey

red belly long-tailed monkey
Partial order: Old world ape (Catarrhini)
family: Long-tailed monkey-related (Cercopithecidae)
Unterfamilie: Cheek bag ape (Cercopithecinae)
tri bus: Long-tailed monkey-well-behaved (Cercopithecini)
kind: Long-tailed monkeys (Cercopithecus)
kind: Red belly long-tailed monkey
scientific name
Cercopithecus of erythrogaster
Gray, 1866

the red belly long-tailed monkey (Cercopithecus more erythrogaster) is a Primatenart from the kind of the long-tailed monkeys (Cercopithecus) within the family of the long-tailed monkey relatives (Cercopithecidae).

The skin of the red belly long-tailed monkeys is predominantly darkly colored a white-yellow sideburns-similar Behaarung, under the face has it. The named-giving reddish-brown colouring of chest and belly occurs only with males, with females is grey it. The animals rank with a weight from 3,5 to 4.5 kilograms with males and 2 to 4 kilograms with females among the smaller kinds of long-tailed monkey.

These animals exclusively live in a small area in southwest Nigeria and southern Benin. Their habitat are rain forests, both primary and secondary forests. They are day-active tree inhabitants.

Like all long-tailed monkeys also the red belly long-tailed monkeys in groups live together, usually in small groups of approximately five animals, sometimes find one in addition, up to 30 individuals. The food of these animals consists primarily of fruits, besides they take also and sheets to insects to itself.

Intensive Bejagung due to its beautiful skin brought the kind to the edge to extermination, is a further factor the destruction of their habitat by progressive Waldrodungen and urban sprawl. The IUCN lists the kind as threatened (endangered).


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