A left-wing extreme group in Italy, which was divided into different cells , called itself red brigades as red brigades (Italian Brigate Rosse). It tried with the armed fight as means of propaganda to establish society order a Marxist ( not to confound with in fact material existing Soviet). The last organization of this name was active from approximately 1970 to center of the 1980er years in Italy.

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organization and action forms

the red brigades were one from approximately 50 - 60 active members existing organization, which was made responsible for a multiplicity of political murders, which went frequently also with extortions. Otherwise kidnappings, assassination attempts and explosive notices are added to the organization. The red brigades financed themselves both over „proletarian expropriation actions “, i.e. the armed assault, as on the other hand also through on behalf other (pretty often also politically opposite thinking) against money implemented notices and murder. The most frequent goals of these assaults were banks in completely Italy. After Magherita Cagol to 5. June 1975 after their arrest was shot by the Italian police (a participant comrade spoke of a Exekution, which resulted in Autopsie that Magherita was killed by only one shot into the side, during it their arms had raised) and its man Renato Curcio to 18. February 1976 was arrested, began the descent of the red brigades. Cagol and Curcio were the two probably most powerful leaders of the red brigades. As consequence of the arrest Curcios and the death of Cagol hard liner Moretti boss of the brigades became.

after the change of power

after Moretti had taken over power within the RB, became the procedure of the brigades ever more aggressively and the killing became from humans the means of its fight. The red brigades could be smashed 1982/ 83 from the judicial authorities, after them because of the kidnapping and murder of Aldo Moro, which had lost chairmen of the party of the Democrazia Cristiana in the year 1978, much support in the workers.

infiltration of the red brigades by the secret services

as from the determinations of a parliamentary control commission at the beginning of the nineties comes out, already 1974 several agents into the RB had been transferred. One of them was Francesco Marra, which was trained as a paratrooper in Italian NATO - base on Sardinien was stationed and with the Gladio - special's group. The Gladio group was there led a special-purpose force of NATO, under the name „stay behind “. „The Gladiatoren “, European-wide might have been it over 15.000, been subordinate considerably the CIA. Marra was it, according to later statements of Renato the Curcio after the kidnapping of the Genueser court chairman Mario Sossi 1974 for its Exekution pleaded. The Führungsriege of the red brigades rejected. Also into the kidnapping of Aldo Moro seems to have been complicated Gladio: Five people in the car were met. Moro remained intact: The BR-boss Moretti gave years later in the wording to minutes that it was never far ago „with the military precision of the BR “, with the expiration of action was „no outstanding contactors “been. With one the submachine gun had jams. Nevertheless, also comes out only years later, at the scene 93 Patronenhülsen found. Scarcely half was covered with military special lacquer, which was used only at the Gladio /NATO troops. One could bury ammunition with this paint coat for a longer period.


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