Red Sea

satellite photograph of the Red Sea
view of the Red Sea of Sharm el Sheikh out seen

the Red Sea (Arab: البحرالأحمر aluminium-Bahr aluminium-ahmar; Hebrew יםסוף Yam Suf; Tigrinya ቀይሕባሕሪ QeyH baHri)narrow, 2240 km for a long time, to 2604 m deep strait between northeast Africa and the Arab peninsula is. It marks a geologically high-activity spreading zone with swelling magma (similar to the centralAtlantic elevator back) and causes thereby a drifting apart of the African ones andthe Arab plate for 130 million years. The training of one lowers clarified themselves “only” 38 million year ago in the Oligozän, continues in East Africa niches the ditch and in many millions years to a new ocean will lead. At present becomesit each year a centimeter wide. After repeated isolation of the Indik, temporary connection with the Mediterranean and even drainage, the Red Sea achieved its current condition only before scarcely 5000 years.

Said to the Indian ocean, more exactly to the gulf by Aden,narrows itself the sea otherwise broad to 360 km with Bab aluminium-Mandab (arab. Gate of the tears) on only 29 km and is connected with the Arab sea, which is a part of the Indian ocean. Besides rises at this tightnessthe bottom of the sea up to 130 m under the water level. This obstructs the water exchange enormously, what has as a consequence that the Red Sea exhibits an unusually high Salzgehalt of 4.2% (normally ~ 3,5%) and relatively few nutrients. Thus comesit again to decreased plan acct growth, which divers appreciate by often excellent ranges of vision, also because of over approx. 2000 km corral reefs. Beside Korallengärten and - tighten some famous wrecks would wind the underwater friends. Of occasionally arising Wasserzuflüssen by Wadisit is foreseen the only sea, into which no rivers flow. This explains besides the good view under water, since in the water few suspended matters are.

Already under Dareios an artificial connection became between in the antique one with the Sueskanalthe Red Sea and the Mediterranean production. See also: Lesseps migration.

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the naming originates from the traditional system of the designation of direction by colors.First the name is at present the Achaimeniden testified. In the reference to this Iranian people lay the Red Sea in the south, which was symbolized by the red color. Thus Red Sea means the South Seas for Achaimeniden „“(and the black sea „North Sea “).
(to it: Schmitt Ruediger: Considerations on the name OF the Black Sea, in: Hellas and the Greek east. Saarbruecken 1996, 219-224)
Again and again for the name explanation also the blue alga Trichodesmium is consulted erythraeum with their reddish oranges chlorophyll - variant. During periodically arising alga bloomsshe can train whole carpets at the water surface. In travel manuals one is exhausted besides quite often over the reddish glow of the sea and mountain ranges with the sunrise.

bio diversity

prevailing are seam reefs only little dozen to hundreds meters forwardsthe coast or in island proximity. In some few flat places mark reefs, like in the northeast from Hurghada, rise before Safaga, south of haven Ghalib - like the Elphinstone - and south of Marsa Alam. Furthermore it givesthree groups of reefs far before the coast, which are surrounded by deep water: northeast from aluminium-Qusair (also aluminium Qusayr) bread ago of Iceland (aluminium Akhawein), southeast from Marsa Alam the Daedalus's reef (Abu el Kizan) and at the border to the Sudan,on the height of aluminium Shalaten, pc. John's Iceland (Geziret Zabargad) and Rocky Iceland.

Due to the topographic spreading barriers and special ecological situation with strongly changing conditions a play meadow of the evolution and many kinds developed occur endemically.But also nearly all kinds from the entire Indopazifik are, although the Faunenzusammensetzung differs unusually strongly. One finds turtles, more rarely the white point high sea-shark, white point reef shark, grey reef shark and Manta. The rare whale sharks come usually only into relativesmall copies of max. forwards, the hardly still computable population the fork tail of sea-cows seems to stand for 5-6 m before the collapse. Not forgotten one should in enumerating Napoleon Lippfi, the buffalo head of parrot fish easily confusable thereby with the first inspection,Doctor, emperor, red fire, ball and hedgehog fish, prick skates of point of blue and Kraken u.v.m. One sees Muränen, partly extraordinary copies, v.a. At the end of August to at the beginning of September unusual-proves also during the day in free water dahinschlängeln, probably its Laichzeit. Remarkable is altogether the smaller diversity of species thanin tropical areas. Frequently one meets during boat travels, in cases of luck with snorkels and dipping - which altogether in the world an exceptional case actual, on the large Tümmler and crank Delfin.

The diversity of species of the birds is naturally small, ofa few house and Turk pigeons, wagtail-well-behaved, Raben, sea gulls, Weissbauchtölpeln (Sula more leucogaster, to 70 cm), Seefehen, coastal herons (Egretta gularis, to 55 cm), sandpipers and Sperbern times apart. With luck are fish eagles (Pandion haliaetus, to 50cm; shakes sometimes like bus pool of broadcasting corporations over the reef) with remarkably white lower surface with the hunt observe. But can observe, who Octobers in this area stays to beginning to in the middle of, in a breath-robbing play the flight from innumerable migratory birds to the south.Over night then often all trees are occupied by Hurghada. Retour goes it again to center to at the end of March.

the mass tourism , old and continuous sins has environmental damage before Hurghada, in the meantime itself rapidly to the south spreading, such as waste water,wild anchoring etc. many Korallen irreparably strongly damaged to perfect destroys. It is to be feared that the destruction will rapidly progress even in the southernmost parts at the border to the Sudan. Massive Tauchsafaris has thereby - unfortunately - a substantialPortion. Illegal fishing at protected corral reefs is common, even meat of sea cows and shark fish occasionally in Hurghada is offered. Thus it still a few years ago gave at the Elphinstone of dozens of white point high sea-sharks, during now with luck twoor three to see are, in other place none more. The hardly still computable population of the fork tail sea-cows seems to stand before the collapse.

The HEPCA (Hurghada Enviromental Protection and Conservation Association) is 1992 a created not national organization (NonGovernmental organization = NGO), which took care of the protection of the Egyptian sea part with all animals over and under water. In addition belong among other things to avoid the installation of over 1000 MOO ring buoys around damage by wild anchoring. (See Web on the left of.)

at least toDolphin House did by the restriction of the boats and mechanism of protected zones some. But still arising is much too large!

An adjustment of the number of dipping boats, which go in the same place before anchors, becomes forthe entire Red Sea by ecological in addition, economically thinking dipping enterprises locally urgently demanded. The presently existing ropes are overstrained by the Aneinanderketten from sometimes 10 ships and to tear with rougher sea whole Korallenblöcke out. Apart from it dozens obstructfrom divers in smallest area and thereby already physically the residents of animals from their traditional location displace the view.


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coordinates: 20° 9 ′ 19 " n. Break, 38° 38 ′ 49 " o. L.


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