municipality Rotterdam
Flagge der Gemeinde Rotterdam Wappen der Gemeinde Rotterdam
(Flag of Rotterdam) (coat of arms of Rotterdam)
Lage der Gemeinde Rotterdam in den Niederlanden
province south Holland
mayor Ivo Opstelten
seat of the municipality Rotterdam
- country
- water
304.24 km ²
208.59 km ²
95.65 km ²

- population density

2824 Einwohner/km ²
coordinates: 51° 55'51 " N, 04° 28 ' 45 " O
51° 55 ' 51 " N, 04° 28 ' 45 " O
important traffic route A4, A13, A15, A16, A20
preselection 010
postal zip codes 3000-3099
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Rotterdam is to Amsterdam the second largest city in the Netherlands and traffic-technically great importance possesses by the largest sea port of the world. It is on the average two meters under Normalnull.

Beside Amsterdam and the Hague Rotterdam is one of the cultural centers of the Netherlands. Rotterdam has a university, several professional schools, a college of music and an academy of arts.

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the population of Rotterdam, which distributes itself over 11 quarters, is very much mixed. Official is only somewhat more than half of the inhabitants autochthon. The largest allochthonen subpopulationsimmigrants from the former Netherlands colonies are (particularly from Suriname and the Netherlands Antilleses) as well as immigrant workers from Turkey, Morocco and cape Verde (numbers from the 1-12-2005: Total total: 589.156, Autochthone 318,672, Surinamesen 52,377, Turk 43,550, Maroccan 34,281, Antillianer/Arubaner20.390, European Mediterranean neighboring states 18,127, Kapverdier 14,919, remaining Allochthone 97,543). About 6000 Rotterdamer are Germans or German descent. Many of them came either as immigrant workers (after that 2. World war and in the 90's, as in the Netherlands many workers searchedbecame) or as students, in order to study at one the Rotterdamer universities.


Rotterdam was created 1230, when a dam at the river gang was built. After the receipt of municipal rights 1340 the city developed because oftheir favorable geographical situation fast to a rich commercial town. During the war with Spain into the 1570er years is Rotterdam one of the few ports with free entrance to the sea. 1866 were put on the outer port Hoek van Holland. In the Second World War Rotterdam was heavily destroyed 1940 with a German air raid on the defense troops in Rotterdam and the fires following on it. The city was modern rebuilt in the connection. 1972 were created the university, after Rotterdam one of the largest western cities without universityhad been.1985 are to a large extent paged out on areas at the Nieuwe Waterweg and to the Maasvlakte before Rotterdam the harbor operation. For the docklands next to the town centre new concepts are looked for for integration in the townscape (see. Objects of interest: Kop van Zuid).


Historical map (over 1888)
Rotterdam after the destruction

Rotterdam lies in the west of the Netherlands in the province south Holland at the delta of Maas and Rhine into the North Sea and belongs to the population centre Randstad. Among the closer city region of Rotterdam large rankNeighbour cities such as Schiedam, Vlaardingen and Dordrecht.

economics and traffic

of one the Rotterdamer ports at night

Rotterdam have the largest sea port of the world, that in the year 2004 a freight transport of 354 millions Tons had and toothat among other things also Europoort belongs. By the port Rotterdam became also important railway junction, to which also the marshalling yard Kijfhoek between the neighboring places bar final right and Zwijndrecht, which was outside of the city boundary because of the railroad line after Dordrecht , belongs.

Since 1968 Rotterdam possesses one Underground. The other ÖPNV is accomplished among other things by the Rotterdam Electri Tramway, the streetcar of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam has also an airport.

objects of interest

Kop van Zuid
Kop van Zuid
highest building of Rotterdam: „National Nederlanden “

old Rotterdam

  • Provenierswijk - last remainder Rotterdam of the Vorkriegszeit, central convenient behind the main station
  • city hall - established between 1914 and 1920
  • Laurenskerk (Lorenz church)
  • historically Delfshaven - old quarters with port, as outer port of the city Delft based andwith this by a channel connected (Delftse Schie).
  • Café New York - in the building of the former Holland Amerikalijn (many America emigrants started here)

architecture and Skyline

  • Nederlands Architectuur Instituut - with museum, very extensive architecture collection
  • Kop van Zuid- Urban development area on past port area on the city center facing the river bank.
  • Kubushäuser - original settlement of on in each case a point standing würfelförmigen Einzelhäusern
  • Erasmusbrug - bridge over the Nieuwe Maas and symbol for the modern Rotterdam
  • Willemsbrug - those Golden gate Bridge of Rotterdam is considered as the old counterpart to the Erasmusbrug
  • Delftse Poort - administration buildings of the banking syndicate “national Nederlanden”, highest building of the Netherlands




an international term in the European choir life is the Rotterdam Jongenskoor.

festivals and Events

  • Dunya festival - largest World music festival, annually, mostly one weekend at the end of of May, far over 100.000 visitors
  • international Filmfestival Rotterdam, annually at the end of January, Anfang February
  • of Caribbean Sommerkarneval

of sons and daughters of the city

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