Geographische Lage in Frankreich
geographical location in France

Rouen [ʀwɑ̃] is a port in the northwest of France. It is located at the Seine. It is the seat of the prefecture of the section Seine-maritime and striking normandy.

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to history

Law Courts of Rouen
in the old part of town of Rouen

for the time starting from approximately that 9. to 6. Millenium v. Chr.leave themselves firstTraces of human settlement prove. Proof of agriculture and cattle breeding for the time starting from that 5. Millenium v. Chr.

Around 100 n. Chr. Establishment of the city Rotomagus by the Romans. Since that 4. Century is the city bishop seat (term of office of first bishop Saint Victrice from 385 to 410).

In the year 841 the first Wikingerüberfall on Rouen took place. After Rollo, the leader of the Wikinger, received the city from the king from France Karl to third in the year 911 in the contract from Saint Clair sur Epte, she becomes the capital of the duchy (franz. duché) normandy.

In the year 1066 England is conquered by William the conquerer, duke of normandy. (Battle of Hastings)

1204 were conquered Rouen by the troops of the French king Philipp August.

To 19. January 1419 during the hundred-year of war conquered Heinrich V.from England the city Rouen and subordinated the normandy of the British crown. In this connection Jeanne was condemned d'Arc and to 30. May 1431 on the heap of failure burned.

1449 become Rouen by Karl VII. for France back-conquers.

1843 are opened the railway line Paris Rouen.

During of the French-German war Rouen of the Prussian army is occupied (of December 1870 to June 1871).

In the Second World War is Rouen of 9. June 1940 up to 15. August 1944 of Germany occupies. In this time heavy bombardments take place, those above all the Seine bridges andthe goods station Sotteville lès Rouen to the goal have.

art and architecture

Rue you bulk of Horloge
cathedral of Rouen
the gothical church L'église Saint Maclou

Victor Hugo called the city city of the hundred church towers. Numerous buildings became by the Bombardements during 2. World wardestroyed.

  • Impressive gothical Basilika Saint Ouen (130 m length).
  • The gothical cathedral of Rouen inspired Claude Monet. Their bell tower is 151 m highly. It is flanked by two further towers, the tower Saint Romain and the butter tower route de beurre, that with the drain letters thatChamfering time was paid.
  • The gothical church L'église Saint Maclou.
  • The plague leg house L'aître Saint Maclou
  • the Law Courts (Le palace de Justice) is the largest nichtsakrale gothical building of Europe.
  • The large astronomical clock (Le bulk of Horloge) from that 14. Century.

A world-wide uniqueCollection of forgings (tools and locks) is in the museum “Le Secq of the Tournelles”.

in Rouen born personalities

the port

Rouen are in a strategic position between Paris and the Atlantic and/or. the English Channel (la some) - tides are stillperceptibly.

The port is 80 km far away from the Flussmündung (6 hours of travel). Nevertheless it is river and sea port at the same time. The maximum ship length amounts to 260 m with maximally 150,000 tons.

During inclusion of all schiffsgrössen is Rouen of the 28. European port and the 5. France(to Marseille, Le Havre, Dunkerque, Saint Nazaire. It is the largest European grain port and the largest French port for flour and fertilizer. The oil transport comes off particularly by the refinery Le Petit Couronne.

All four to five years come several millions visitorsto ship-look (Armada) the world largest sailing boats.

statistic instructions

  • number of inhabitants: 106.560 (the surrounding countryside “Agglomération de Rouen striking normandy” contains 34 municipalities with 391.375 inhabitants)
  • birth rate (births per 1000 inhabitant): 15,31 ‰ (between 1990 1999) mortality rate
  • et: 8,96 ‰ (et between 19901999)
  • City surface: 2,138 hectars (21.4 km ²), of it…
    • 179 hectars for the Seine (river)
    • 306 hectars for green areas
  • number of households: 62.000, among them
    • 54,000 main dwellings
    • 12,800 subsidized low-rent housings
  • road system: 210 km, under it 16 km of cycle tracks.


sport mechanisms:

  • 6 stages
  • Number of active
  • sportsmen ice-run-resounds
  • 4 swimming pools

1 to 15 sport resounding: 20,000
One of the oldest and most well-known sport associations of the city is the 1896 created fiber plastics Rouen.

Each year finds in Rouen at the 1. May as international event the ronde infernale ( höllische round) the 24 of heures motonautiques (24 hours water motorcycle) instead of. It ranks among the long-distance motorcycle world championship (Endurance World Championship / championnat you moons d'endurance).


  • of 8 theatres (with ever 80 to 1,200 places)
  • 3 cinema (25 halls)
  • University of (40,000 students)
  • twin cities: Norwich (England), Hanover (Germany), Ningbo (VR China), Salerno (Italy)

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coordinates: 49° 26 ′ 36 " n. Break, 1° 5 ′ 45 " o. L.


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