Roy Dupuis

Roy Dupuis [dyˈpɥi] (* 21. April 1963 in new Liskeard, Ontario; actually Roy Michael Joseph Dupuis) is a Canadian actor.

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in this country ones is Roy Dupuis at the best by the TV serial Nikita (US title: La Femme Nikita) admits, in which he played the mysterious Michael Samuelle. Michaels code name in the series is the French name Jacques. Its brand name is the intensive, penetrating view - in the series as in the life.

Roy Dupuis has an older sister Roxanne and a younger brother Rodrick. Its nut/mother Ryna is a piano teacher. The father, named Roy, deceased in the year 2000 at the age of 70 years. Roy Dupuis was born in new Liskeard, which means today by a combination of different localities Temiskaming Shores. It buildup however since its baby age in the city Amos, which in the französischsprachigen part of Canada, in which region Abitbi, about 500 kilometers lies north of Montréal, in the northwest of the province Québec. In the kindergarten its first stage role was the fox in the small prince von Antoine de Saint Exupéry. That is its favourite book. Its nut/mother had sewn it costume and was its French text: „… zähme me! “ and „one sees good only with the heart. The substantial is invisible for the eyes. “ (Source: Ark publishing house, Zurich Hamburg, 2000, page 67 and 72). With eleven years the family pulled Ontario after Kapuskasing , where Roy Dupuis learned to speak English. As a child it learned cello to play also. Its parents let themselves be separated as it 14 years were old, and the family pulled without the father into the proximity of Montréal. The unusual anonymity of the large city surprised it, later lost it it again by its admitting heating degree. After graduation Roy Dupuis physics and chemistry began to study to it the film Molière of Ariane Mnouchkine in the cinema saw. Afterwards it took national Theatre School OF Canada , which it locked 1986 to play instruction in Montréal at that. Since that time it is much busily. It played first in the theatre and then in television and motion picture films. 1990 it became famous with the TV serial Les Filles de Caleb over night. 4,6 million spectator with 6 million inhabitants in the province Québec pursued the dramatic fates of the characters. Roy Dupuis reads gladly scientific books as from Stephen Hawking and stroke ore Reeves and is interested in astronomy. It operates gladly sport. Ice hockey he learned starting from the age of three years and played later in avoiding GET AAA, one of the best new generation leagues of Canada. It controls it rather well as one in the film Maurice smelling pool of broadcasting corporations to see can, into it the numerous scenes on the ice without Stuntdouble completed. It drives motorcycle and plays gulf. Roy Dupuis of the psychoanalysis is fascinated, it self realizations brought and it helped its life way consciously to select. In the year 1995 a Psychotherapie for many years drugs , alcohol and its wild party life, but not smoking helped it to give up. He selected the life over the complete crash to escape. Roy Dupuis lives south of Montréal in an old farm house from the year 1840, which he bought to 1996 and reconditioned. It has a relationship with its homeland Québec, verwurzelte strongly, and always there will return. Perhaps it meant therefore, like it a rumor, the main role in the cult series of 24 rejected. Roy Dupuis does not give an answer to this question. Roy Dupuis engages itself for different Charities. It supports already for many years the obstruction relief organization Mira Foundation. It recruits also for the preservation of the rivers of Canada in the Rivers Foundation, which it has along-justified. Roy Dupuis likes the danger. She lets it feel the life more intensively. Long time it operated parachuting. That it gave for to sails up, whom for him all possible feelings arrange, from fear to the complete leaving. It has a love for sails and plans in at the latest 4 years to undertake starting from at the end of of 2005 counted, a voyage round the world of several years on its boat around different countries to visit. Perhaps it will carry a camera forward and will make a documentation. His friend of many years, the Canadian actress Céline Bonnier, will also be at board. She loves sails as it. Together they are a good team and have storms endured to become without seasick. Roy and Céline co-operated also in different films and series. It played z. B. the role of the Andrea Kosov in a consequence of the series of Nikita in 2.18 „agent love “(„off of profiles “).

In one of its last projects Roy Dupuis in the English-language film That Beautiful Somewhere plays the male main role. The film is based on the novella „Loon “ from Bill Plumstead from the year 1992. The vierwöchigen turning work was in November and one week in December 2005. The female main role plays Jane McGregor. Director is Rob Budreau. It wants to finish and in the autumn with Filmfestivals show the film in spring 2006. (Official English web page of the film)


  • the TV serial Les Filles de Caleb became to 4. April 2006 in Canada von Imavision on DVD again-publishes. The six DVDs are in French without sub-titles. The subsequent series of Blanche is to likewise appear 2006.
  • Roy Dupuis plays according to a Canadian newspaper article in a new film with the French title Toi (on German about: You) also. Anne Marie Cadieux has the main role. One turns in October 2006. The film is published one year later.
  • According to a French article Roy Dupuis is in a new film named Pilgrim. Rain eating urine is Léa pool. The film script is based on the novel Pilgrim from the year 1999 of Timothy Findley. The German actor Heino Ferch plays also. One turns in the autumn 2006 in Switzerland and in Québec. The estimated budget of 7 million CAD is to become secured to June.



and. A.


  • 2001: Nikita (La Femme Nikita) - in the consequence 506 „notice on Nikita “(„The Evil That Men DO “)


  • 1985: Les Deux Gentilshommes de Vérone (the two Veroneser), of William Shakespeare, (Proteus)
  • 1986: Harold et Maude (Harold and Maude), from Colin Higgins, (Harold)
  • 1987: Fool for Love, of SAM Shepard, (Martin)
  • 1987: Outer pied de la lettre (RK the end to OF the type character), of André Simard
  • 1987: Toupie Wildwood, of Pascale Rafie, (Pierrick Le Bosnec)
  • 1988: Le Chien (The Dog), by Jean-Marc Dalpé, (Jay)
  • 1988: Les Muses of orphelines (The Orphan Muses), of Michel Mark of Bouchard, (Luc)
  • 1989: Roméo et Juliette (Romeo and Julia), from William Shakespeare, (Roméo)
  • 1990: Un Oiseau vivant dans la gueule (A live Bird in Its Jaws), from Jeanne Mance Delisle, (Adrien)
  • 1994: True west, of SAM Shepard, (Lee)


  • 1991: FIPA D' Or for Les Filles de Caleb with the festival international de Programmes Audiovisuels in Cannes
  • 1991: Rose D' Or as actors of the yearly with a Canadian popularity choice
  • 1991: Roy Dupuis won a Prix Gémeaux for the male main role in the dramatic series of Les Filles de Caleb
  • 1991 and 1992: it won Metrostars as a best male leading actor for Les Filles de Caleb
  • 1993: Nominating for genius a Award as leading actors in Cap Tourmente
  • 1993: Nominating for a Prix Gémeaux for the male main role in the series of Scoop II
  • 1993, 1994 (2x), 1995, 1996: Nominating for Metrostars (z. B. for Scoop, Blanche)
  • 2000: Nominating for a Metrostar as a best male leading actor for the mini series Maurice smelling pool of broadcasting corporations: Histoire D' un canadien
  • 2003: Nominating for a Jutra Award as best actors in Séraphin: un homme et son péché
  • 2003: Nominating for genius a Award as Nebendarsteller in Séraphin: un homme et son péché
  • 2003: Nominating for a Prix Gémeaux (Gémeaux Award) for the male main role in the dramatic series of The load Chapter II (consequence 6)
  • 2003: it won a Metrostar as a best male leading actor for The load Chapter
  • 2004: Nominating for a Metrostar as a best male leading actor for The load Chapter II
  • 2005: it won a Jutra Award as best actors 2005 affectives in
  • Mémoires: it won genius Award as a leading actor in Mémoires affectives
  • 2006: Nominating for a Jutra Award as best actors for Maurice smelling pool of broadcasting corporations


  • Danièle sp-Denis: Dans les peaux de Roy Dupuis (French). Stanké, 2004, ISBN 2760409554

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