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the Royal bank OF Scotland (RBS) is a major bank with seat, acting world-wide, in Edinburgh. It is (conditions January 2006) regarding the market capitalization largest Finanzinstitut of Scotland, the second largest of Great Britain, the third biggest of Europe and the seventh-largest of the world. The executive committee is led since 2000 by Sir Fred Goodwin, supervisory board chairmen is for April 2001 Sir George Mathewson.

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18. and 19. Century

those already since 1695 existing bank OF Scotland was allowed to assign only with agreement of the Scottish parliament credits to the state. In order to meet resistances by the parliament, in the year 1727 the RBS was created by royal decree. 1728 were introduced of it, as first bank of the world, the overdraft. In the following scarcely 15 years it came between both banks to a hard displacement competition, which however none could decide for itself. Beginning of the 1780er years began to expand the RBS and opened addresses in completely Scotland.

This sat down during whole 19. Century away, whereby it came also to the first assumptions of other institutes.

In the year 1826 the RBS brought the first reciprocally printed on notes in circulation.

20. Century

into the 1920er years came it to a consolidation of the British Bankenmarktes, in which the RBS was considerably involved. By further assumptions after that 2. World war became the RBS the largest Scottish bank and controlled nearly 50% of the Scottish market. The 1980er years was coined/shaped by the development of new products like e.g. Insurance and of investments in the USA, at the same time was repelled several assumption attempts by other banks. Into the 1990er years deliberated itself the bank more upon the British market, forced the private customer business and was outrider in the telephone and on-line Banking. By Joint ventures with the supermarket chain Tesco and the Virgin Group were walked on new selling ways.

21. Century

in the meantime the fifth-largest bank in Great Britain, followed that in the year 2000 the hostile takeover national Westminster bank (NatWest). Had preceded end of 1999 the assumption attempt of a British insurer by the NatWest, which was regarded in the banking as wrong strategy. This arranged the bank OF Scotland to an assumption offer in relation to the NatWest at a value of 21 billion Pound, which called again the RBS on the plan. In February 2000 it had pulled sufficient institutional investors of the NatWest on its side, so that the assumption came for 21 billion Pound to conditions. Thus the RBS created itself suddenly an entrance to the American and continental-European markets, in which she was not particularly strongly represented to date.

In August 2005 a strategic partnership with the bank OF China (BOC) was agreed upon, the second largest Chinese bank. In the context of the agreement bought the RBS 10% the BOC for 3.1 billion US Dollar and a supervisory board member will place.

To 14. September 2005 was opened by the British queen Elizabeth II the new headquarters of the RBS in Gogaburn, to the west of Edinburgh, what was to accept the coworkers momentarily distributed on numerous locations in the city. In the British press in the connection occasionally over the chairmen of the board Fred Goodwin made itself merry, since he could be built allegedly a private bridge to the airport, in order to escape back-up.

The RBS is one of the main sponsors of the Williams F1 - teams.


in the course of the time had the persons at the point of the bank different designations: Cashier, general manager, Managing Director, Chief Executive.

No. Name assumption of office title No. Name assumption of office title
1. Allan Whitefoord 1727 Cashier 13. Adam Tait 1907 ?
2. John Campbell 1745 ? 14. Alexander Kemp WRIGHT 1917 ?
3. George Innes 1777 ? 15. William Whyte 1933 ?
4. William Simpson 1780 ? 16. John McArthurThomson 1944 ?
5. George Mitchell 1808 ? 17. Walter Ballantyne 1953 ?
6. William Mitchell 1816 ? 18. George Robertson 1965 ?
7. Andrew Bogle 1825 ? 19. Alexander Robertson 1969 ?
8. John Thomson 1827 ? 20. John Burke 1969 ?
9. Robert Sym Wilson 1845 ? 21. Charles winters 1982 ?
10. Laurence Robertson 1856 ? 22. Sir George Mathewson 1992 Chief Executive
11. James Simpson Fleming 1871 ? 23. Sir Fred Goodwin 2000 Chief Executive
12. David Robertson Williamson Huie 1892 ?


something similar, as it was usual in Germany into the 1920er years for several private issuing banks, then have the Clydesdale bank and the Royal bank OF Scotland the right to today among other things the bank OF Scotland, to spend own notes. The notes are expressed in Scottish Pound, have a rate of exchange from 1:1 to the Pound of Sterling and are official currency in Scotland. With pressure and expenditure of the notes the defaults of the bank OF England are relevant.

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German-language countries


the RBS, since 1993 with seat in Ratingen with Duesseldorf, direct bank is active in the year 2003 also as a credit card emitter in Germany under different marks (Comfort Card , Direct LINE, RBS) as credit givers and Finanzierer, as well as since the assumption of the credit card section of the Santander. In co-operation with Tchibo the enterprise assigns since 2003 consumer loans. In Teltow with Berlin is the company autoinsurer Direct LINE, which came out from the 2001 taken over alldone Direct. The large and/or. Firm customer business is cared for from Frankfurt/Main.


in Vienna is active the RBS under the label name Comfort Card as Warenfinanzierer for the final consumer.


at the end of of 2003 could be taken over the old-established trustee bank by Ernst for 225 million euro, since then under the name the Coutts bank of Ernst firmiert.

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