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the Royal Society (royal society) is an anglo-saxon scholar company to the science care.

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as “Royal Society” - without further additives - the Royal Society in London becomes (based 1666) and the closely connected Royal Society in Edinburgh (since 1783) designates. Together with the 1782 justified Royal Academy OF Science to Dublin is their goalthe promotion of scientific research.

All three societies dedicate themselves almost exclusively to mathematics and the natural sciences. Besides there is different other Royal Societies, which promote other branches of science, as well as non-profit active royal societies.

Great Britain and Ireland have less academically constituted societies for the promotion of general science, but rather associations, whose objective is it to maintain special branches of the human knowledge. This becomes not least clear at the multiplicity of the royal societies.

The Royal Society lends different honors for scientific work, in particular the Hughes medal.

The society become also connections toat that time very strongly arising free bricklaying in Great Britain after-said.

Great Britain

Royal Society London

the Royal Society became to 28.11. 1660 in the Gresham college in London - getting fount as association for the promotion of scientific experiments based. Among the 12 initial members ranked among other thingsSir Christopher Wren and William Petty. Several famous scientists were involved either initial members or into their developing history. Among the early members rank Robert Boyle, John Evelyn, Robert Hooke, William Petty, Samuel Pepys, John whale-read, John Wilkins, Thomas Willis and Sir Christopher Wren.

Slogan of the Royal Society is “Nullius in verbs”, which can be translated with “to nobody words” (is meant „on nobody words to probably swear “- Nullius in verbs iurare). It stands for the avowed will of the society, oneonly experimentally proven science to justify, not is content to quote authorities. Although this seems natural today, this was at the establishment time a clear break with science philosophy prevailing up to then.

1661 become it first times under Karl II. “Royal” Society calls. Since 1665the journal Philosophical Transactions is published. From 1703 to 1727 Sir Isaac Newton of the Royal Society managed. Under its presidency its own building in London at the beach was acquired. 1780 is put to the society the premises in the Somerset House (London/beach) at the disposal. Although the membersthe society, became only since 1847 scientific earnings/services of the potential member were selected from the outset most important Aufnahmekriterum. 1857 were accommodated the Royal Society in the Burlington House London/Piccadilly. Today the Royal Society is an academy of high-ranking scientists.

famous presidentsthe Royal Society

among the most well-known presidents of the Royal Society rank:

Royal Society Edinburgh

further one royal societies in Great Britain

in 19. and 20. Century further became Royal societies for the promotion of individual sciences based.

From the Chemical Society (based 1841), the Society for Analytical Chemistry (based 1874), the Royal of institutes OF Chemistry (based 1877) and the Faraday Society (based 1903) originated in to 1972 the Royal Society OF Chemistry.

From the 1733 createdMedical Society OF London originated in to 1805 the Medical and Chirurgical Society OF London, which is again forerunner of the Royal Society OF Medicine. In addition there is a Royal Society OF Tropical Medicine & hygiene, a Royal Society for the graduation OF Health.

1904 developed, likewise outForerunner combinations, the Royal Society for the Protection OF Birds. Besides there is a Royal Society for Prevention OF Cruelty ton of Animals, a Royal Society for the Prevention OF Accidents as well as Royal Society for Nature Conservation.

The Royal Societies also often takes functions of professional associationstruely e.g. the Royal Society OF British Organists.

By George IV. 1820 the The Royal Society OF Literature was created.

remaining Commonwealth

in New Zealand the Royal Society OF new Zealand exists as a controlling body of over 60 scientific and technological societies.

Canada possesseslikewise a Royal Society.

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