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Wappen von Ružinov Ružinov in der Slowakei
base data quarter Ružinov
Kraj (landscape federation): Bratislavský kraj
Okres (district):

Bratislava II

surface: 39.70 km ²
inhabitants: 70.004 (2004)
population density: 1767.78 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 136 m and. NN
postal zip code: 827 XX
preselection: 0 2
geographical situation: 48° 09 ' n. Br,
17° 09 ' o. L.
Kfz characteristic: BA< /code>, BL
municipality code number: 529320
arrangement quarter area: 3 Katastralgebiete
address municipal office: Miestny úrad Bratislava Ružinov
Mierová 21
82705 Bratislava
official Website:
E-Mail address:
mayor: Pavol Kubovič

Ružinov (German rose home) is a quarter in the east Bratislavas and with zirka 70,000 inhabitants the second largest urban district after the total population.

description and history

in place today's quarter gave it originally much to Viehweiden, pastureland, grass landscapes and forests, interrupted by islands and Seitenarme of the Danube.

A part of the area belonged already since that to 17. Century to press castle at that time, the former place Prievoz came only 1946 to the city. The name came only into 20. Century up, it is derived from a former Danube island with the name Ružový ostrov (German rose home).

The today's Ružinov is an important business and economic center and a high industrial portion, the most important mills is Slovnaft and Gumon as well as food and building industry. Also the largest (freiluft) market of the city, Miletičova, is here.

Despite the industriellen of a character Ružinov is seen as relatively greener quarters Bratislavas, because compared with other quarters there are a great many rivers and lakes (for example the Rohlík lake ) here, whose surface constitutes altogether 616,000 m ². In the heart of the quarter the Štrkovecké lies jazero, a sports center of the city.

quarter arrangement

that quarter is still divided into the following Katastralgebiete:

  • Nivy (German Mühlau), surface: 7.27 km ²
  • Ružinov (German rose home), surface: 19.50 km ²
  • Trnávka (German Dornkappeln), surface 12.93 km ²

as well as the unofficial parts:

  • Ostredky
  • Pošeň (German Po)
  • Prievoz (German upper bank)
  • Trávniky
  • Štrkovec (German Stierau)
  • Vlčie hrdlo (German Wolfsdrüssel)


in Ružinov gives it a quantity of sport associations:

  • Fiber plastic rapidly soccer club
  • Slávia UK Volleyball club
  • Wrestling club Dunajplavba
  • Hockeyclub ŠK H.O.K. Nivy

and many different.


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