Ruby Carter

ruby Carter
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birth name ruby Carter
weight class middleweight
nationality US-American
birthday 6. May 1937
place of birth Clifton
day of death
death place
style link rushing situation
of size 1.73 m
combat statistics
of fights of 40
victories 27
KO of victories 19
defeats 12
undecided 1
no valuation

ruby “Hurricane” Carter (* 6. May 1937 in Clifton, new jersey) was a famous middleweight Boxer of the 1960er years. Its box career ended 1966, when it and his friend John Artis for the murder were found to three white ones of a jury, which consisted only of white ones, and due to doubtful testimonies of two criminal for guilty and sent for three times lifelong in the prison. After numerous legal proceedings however 1985 the acquietal followed, after the Federal court had stated that “rough procedure offences” were present and the public prosecutor's office thereupon the accusation let fall (John Artis became some years in former times on probation to dismiss.). The case entered thereby as law scandal American historical jurisprudence . Before famous sizes had themselves like e.g. Bob Dylan, the 1975 for it the Song “Hurricane” wrote or also Muhammad Ali used for ruby “Hurricane” Carter. At the question, whether ruby Carter committed the murder, still it separates the spirit. In the Internet active discussions are over the question of guilt

large attention excited also the 1999 turned filming of history Carters (“The Hurricane “) with Denzel Washington in the main role, which received for its high-praised representation golden the Globe Award as well as the silver bear of the international film festivals in Berlin awarded. With some critics the truth loyalty of the filming is however disputed. In particular the family of the determining police officer attaches importance to the statement that this corresponded to the film policeman in no way. In the film of represented Boxer the film company successfully sued for compensation.

Ruby Carter lives today in Toronto and led there of many years the “Association in Defense OF the Wrongfully Convicted”, which condemned itself for to injustice begins. 1993 were lent to it as first Boxer outside of the ring by the World Boxing Council of the world championship belts.


“I are not in the prison, because I am to have committed a murder. I am among other things therefore in the prison, because I am a black one in America, where the dominant forces a black one only permit to be entertainers or criminals. “
“The Hurricane is beautiful.”


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