Rudi Marek Dutschke

Rudi Marek Dutschke (* 16. April 1980 in Århus, Denmark) is politically active with alliance 90/Die the Green the third child of the student leader Rudi Dutschke and his Mrs. Gretchen block and.


Marek Dutschke was born after the death of its father (1979). Grew up it in Århus (Denmark), where its father lived and taught, as well as in Hamburg and Cambridge (the USA). In Newton (Massachusetts) it completed the Highschool and studied Germanistik and politics at the university of Massachusetts in Amherst.

Over on the traces of its father too gone it interrupted itself its study in September 2000 for one year and made a practical course with the Bundestag faction of alliance 90/Die the Green. Afterwards it locked its Bachelor OF kind in political science and Germanistik . During the US president shank elections 2004 it reported of these in a column taz. 2004 he was Fulbright scholarship holder at the petrol Suhr institute at the free university in Berlin and researched about “dangers of the right-wing radicalism in the new Lands of the Federal Republic ".

At the 1. June 2005 communicated Marek Dutschke that it wants to stand as a candidate for the Greens for the Bundestag. Politically it represented the left wing of the party and demanded a stronger shaping of the Greens opposite the SPD as well as a change of generations within the party. For the appropriate safe list place it failed clearly with only 104 of 799 valid voices against Wolfgang how/as country. Critics accused to him to have no contents to use but his name in order to receive a post.


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