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Rudi Carrell (* 19. December 1934 in Alkmaar, the Netherlands; actually Rudolf Wijbrand Kesselaar) is a Netherlands Showmaster, which admits particularly in Germany much is.

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both Rudolfs father and its grandfather were active in the Showgeschäft - he substituted with seventeen years in an appearance his father.

In the Netherlands it became with the Rudi CarrellShow, which started 1959, much admits and won 1964 the silver rose of Montreux.

With the Song Contest 1960 it (under its civil name) reached Eurovision the 12. and next to last place.

1965/66 he worked for the first timefor the German television with radio Bremen. Since that time and affected he coined/shaped the German television maintenance, and stood beside colleagues such as Peter Frankenfeld and Hans Joachim Kulenkampff for the “large Samstagabendshow”. 1974 became the Rudi Carrell show by the transmission tocurrent volume replaced, with which at the conclusion of the winners was allowed to take those profits with home, which it still remember could, after they had been transported past on a conveyor at it.

Rudi Carrell stepped at the beginning of the seventiesYears as well as that at that time 18-jährigen Ilja judge in different German “hit and Schnulzenfilmchen” like z. B. Aunt Trude from Buxtehude, if the mad aunts come, up. Carrell and judges formed at that time a quite successful Komikerduo, its continuationitself in the Achtzigern e.g. with Thomas Gottschalk and Mike Krüger found.

Also as singers Carrell was successful. In many of its shows it sang titles and had with „when wird's times again correctly summer? “ 1975 (after the melody of „TheTown center OF new Orleans “of Arlo Guthrie) and „Goethe was well “ 1978 two single hits in Germany. Besides created Carrell with „you is my Hauptgewinn “also (unsuccessful) the song of the Pool of broadcasting corporations Fernsehlotterie 1977.

1979 appeared its Autobiografie give me mineBicycle again.

1981 would send the WDR Rudi kann's do not leave, in the autumn of the same yearly started Rudis Tagesshow, one with radio Bremen produced Persiflage on the news of the day of the pool of broadcasting corporations. A scandal with international extent and murder threatsit acted in, as it in the transmission of 15. February 1987 Ayatollah Khomeini in the Gegenschnitt in ladies' underwear to root left.

Starting from 1984 ran the verflixte filters, a show, which should tie to success of the current volume. EveryoneCandidate received and exchanged during the transmission sieves symbolic articles. Each article stood coded for a profit or rivets. A goal was it, at the conclusion retained, allegedly most valuable symbol against a profit - that evenly also rivets itscould - to exchange. To the winged word thereby the utterance occurring several times in each consequence developed: “That would have been your price! ”

A further, meanwhile at some places already than “cult “designated transmission started 1987 with the clutch show heart sheet. The transmissionruns until today and becomes if to time of Alexander Mazza, which now Showmaster sieved, moderates.

1988 to 1992 moderated Rudi Carrell a transmission in the pool of broadcasting corporations (24 consequences ), again called Rudi Carrell show, in which the candidate surprisingly fulfills their heart desiresbecame and Imitatoren of music star arose.

For the introduction of the new German postal zip codes with 5 digits it moderated a new show, which should bring this change to the citizen more near on RTL. Soon the format was stopped, among other things also because it too much onits earlier transmission at the current volume reminded.

Since 1996 produced and it moderated the show 7 days, 7 heads, which were radiated by the private station RTL. At the end of of 2002 he withdrew from the active service before the camera and works themselvesnow only behind the window blinds.

In an interview in November 2005 the Showmaster confirmed multicolored ones opposite the magazine that it was gotten sick with cancer of the lungs. Feel nevertheless not ill it however: „Ill its is called fever, pain, nausea “,so Carrell in the discussion. „All these typical disease symptoms remained saved for it so far thank God “, but it has itself after 51 years with up to three packings cigarettes per day finally smoking cures.

During the recordingthe last consequence 7 days, 7 heads Carrell again participated. Mutely it arises and gives again the Running Gag of the show to the best one: It pours a glass water with the help of a rope over the trousersfrom Harald Schmidt and disappears wordless. The transmission became to 30. December 2005 radiated.

In a current interview Carrell joked: “Gags, which we for, 7 days - 7 heads `not to use can, I waive. And if I into thatSky comes, I thereby somewhat besides will earn. “

To 2. February 2006 was pleased the Rudi Carrell gotten sick heavily obviously about the honour for its life's work with the golden camera in Berlin. Its illness, also its voice was to be regarded to itsounded weak and hoarse. It could not leave its joking nevertheless and said:“The fact that I can be here this evening, I owe above all to my health insurance company, the clinical center Bremen east and the German Pharmaindustrie. “

To 17. March 2006in the magazine a longer interview appeared to the South German newspaper, in which Rudi Carrell talked very openly about death.


“as I to Germany, spoke I came only English - however because the German language in the meantime somany English words has, speak I German now flowing! “



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