Rudi barrel night

Rudi barrel night (* 28. December 1934; † 25. July 2000 with Paris) was a football coach.

From 1970 to 1973 barrel night was a coach of the soccer association MSV Duisburg, after it had cared for the fiber plastic Villingen before. To 19. October 1973 it stepped a new fact after 1:3 - defeat in the Heimspiel against Fortuna Cologne of its office back - at that time in the federal league. In the three play times before the MSV under its direction had reserved the seats 7, 14 and 10. The follow-up with the table-last began its assistant Willibert Kremer .

1974 should become barrel night coach of unity Braunschweig. It succeeded to it to seize with its own sport goods business in Odenthal foot. In addition it trained in the 2. Federal league still the associations Prussia Münster, Tennis Borussia Berlin and Fortuna Cologne.

Together with his Mrs. Sigrid it became one of 114 victims of the Concorde crash with Paris in the year 2000.


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