Rudi Schuricke

Rudi Schuricke (birth name Erhard Rudolf Hans Schuricke * 16. March 1913 in Brandenburg to the Havel, † 28. December 1973 in Munich) was a German singer and actor. On old posters one can find also the names of its two aliases: Michael Hofer and Rudolf Erhard. He was called by friends and colleagues later, than he was already successful, often Rudicke.

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lives and occupation

for vocational reasons (its father became Militärkapellmeister) drew the family Schuricke after king mountain. There Rudi Schuricke visited also the school. Afterwards it learned druggist and worked besides also as news agent and Chauffeur. Besides it studied singing and took play instruction. By accident he came to a singing commitment. As during a radio ending, which became to usually transfer still live, a singer of the Kardosch singers (a group of its singing teacher Istvan Kardosch) failed, substituted he and its soft tenor fit so outstanding that he remained at the group.

in the year

1931 it received the offer to Schuricke Terzett to along-sing with the Comedian Harmonists. But since the straight only 18-jährige evenly had created its own group of singing ( the Spree Revellers) rejected it. it together with its partners Karl Golgowsky and refuge rose mountain the Schuricke Terzett designated after it formed 1936. Thus that the Terzett brought the current hits in a modern style, reached the group highest popularity with the citizens of Berlin population. But Rudi Schuricke sang also alone as Refrainsänger at numerous orchestras and now and then lent it also its voice to other actors, who arose in revue films.

it with the Tangolied composed by Gerhard Winkler Capri Fischer one of its largest successes had finally 1943. With this title it received a golden record as one of the first interpreters of Germany after the war. With further titles such as O mia bella Napoli, women and wine, spring in Sorrent, Florentini nights and the composed Tarantella achieved he in a time, than many after the south, sand and sea longed themselves, point places in the hit parades. These of many as sentimental songs designated songs pleased the then Italy-longing Germans.

With the arising skirt music and the disappearing of the shellac plates also Rudolf Schuricke disappeared gradually from the hit stage. He worked now as Hotelier and operated a laundromat in Munich. Only briefly, but a tried comeback was very successful in the year 1970. With a melody of James load so a love gives it once only erklomm it again the hit parade. But for a long time it could not enjoy its renewed popularity. It died 1973 in Munich at the age of 60 years.

hits of Rudi Schuricke (selection)

solo one

  • and again goes a beautiful day to end
  • of tulips out of Amsterdam
  • mother flax
  • star from Rio
  • penny of serenade
  • O mia bella to Napoli
  • on Wiederseh'n
  • Capri Fischer
  • Tarantella
  • it again roses blüh'n
  • comes soon again
  • as a love gives it once only
  • to optimism is drob'n on
the mountain Komm' nevertheless

into my arms

  • the blond Käthchen [to work on
  • ] of films (selection)
  • as singer or
an actor 1950 Maharadscha

against will (actor) 1944 I hab'

  • about you dreamed the best medicine [
  • to work on] with the Schuricke Terzett high (singing)
  • 1942 a gust of wind (singing)
  • 1939 a woman as you (actor)
  • 1938 Humans, animals, sensations (actor)
  • 1937 country of the love (singing)
  • of 1938 mysteries around Beate (actor)

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