Rudi Thurow

Rudi Thurow (* 16. August 1937 in Leipzig) fled border soldier as GDR - 1962 to west Berlin.


Rudi Thurow announced itself 1955 voluntarily to the GDR border police. it joined 1960 the SED . Outward it seemed to be the perfect representatives of the system. When it experienced however from the curse plans of some its acquaintance, it indicated these not, but seized even escape plans. It addressed the acquaintance and it a border break-through with a truck was planned. The date should the 21. February 1962 its, at a section of the border to west Berlin, at which Thurow had service on this day. In order to exclude with the escape each danger, Thurow removed the catches of the submachine guns of the border posts. When this manipulation was discovered and alarm was given, the plan had to be changed. Thurow led the refugees to foot and into uniform to the border. He instructed border posts, which met him, to another place of work. It justified with an alarm. With the border crossing the group was noticed and it came nevertheless to a shooting, with which however nobody was hurt. An escape goal was pieces of stone, a Exklave belonging to west Berlin. From there the refugees were flown by American helicopters to west Berlin.

1963 were planned by the state security service head department I the murder of Thurow. The accomplishing should be short the GMs “Bodo ruffle”, “air” and “Maxim Dams”. Planner was smallyoung the director/conductor at that time of the hectars I Karl, against whom 1997 accusation were raised because of homicide at Michael garden racquet. Several attempts failed. 1972 were given up the plan. Still into the recent time (2003) it received threatening calls.

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