Rudolf Forster

Rudolf (Heribert Anton) Forster (* 30. October 1884 in Gröbming (Steiermark); † 25. October 1968 in bath Aussee/Steiermark) was a Austrian actor.

Forster was trained at the conservatoire in Vienna. Since 1903 it stood on the Theaterbühne. From 1915 to 1918 it fought in the First World War. Since 1919 it began to participate in silent movies. The first Tonfilm followed 1930 with the three-groschen opera under the direction of G. W. Pabst. It played also in films such as Yorck (as a king Friedrich William III.) and morning-red (as a commander of submarine). Further films followed the brief commitment at Broadway 1940 and few theatre appearances. In the anti-Semitic film Vienna 1910 of E. W. Emo played it the mayor Lueger. After the war he dedicated himself first to the theatre in both German states.

Numerous films with Heinz resting man and others followed.


autobiography “the play, my life”. Propyläen publishing house 1967

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