Rudolf Hausner

Rudolf Hausner (* 4. December 1914 in Vienna, † 25. February 1995 in Mödling, Lower Austria) was a Austrian painter, a commercial artist and an important representative of the Viennese school of fantastic realism.

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the father of Rudolf Hausner was a commercial employee. Artistically this was active as Sundays painters, whereby Rudolf Hausner was inspired already very early for the art. From 1923 to 1931 it visited the High School in Vienna. Afterwards it took its study at the academy of the forming arts in Vienna with Professor. Fahringer and Professor. Sterrer up. As a piano player of the penguin jazz of quartet it traveled to England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Scandinavia.

war service

1937 was called up Rudolf Hausner into the Austrian federal army. 1938 was occupied the work by an exhibition prohibition by the realm culture chamber. 1941 were drawn in Rudolf Hausner from the German armed forces to the war service. During this time it came to its coining/shaping trauma tables blockhouse experience into the Russian Tatra, which it takes up again and again in its later work. 1943 were used Hausner of the armed forces war-unfit to dismiss and as technical draughtsmen in the armaments industry. Into the last war days of 1945 it was drawn again for the flier defense.

artistic life

Austria 1978 ADAM, Rudolf Hausner
UN mark of Rudolf Hausner
its first artistic phase was affected of Impressionismus and expressionism.

After end of war it took the work in its destroyed studio in Vienna and tried to project the Tatrablick in its working process. 1946 created Rudolf Hausner together with Edgar Jené, Ernst Fuchs, Wolfgang Hutter and Fritz Janschka a surrealistische group in the Austrian kind club. Later Anton Lehmden and Arik Brauer of this loose artist combination followed. The first exhibition in the Viennese concert hall followed. 1956 terminated Hausner after six-year work time its picture “ark of the Odysseus”. 1957 developed for Hausners first Adam picture, which he varied again and again. It tried to represent the equivalent existence of conscious and unconscious processes and turned out thereby in conflict with the popular surrealistischen Orthographie of other artists and art critics. 1959 were created with Rudolf Hausner the Viennese school of fantastic realism. In place of the classification to the Surrealismus sat down from Professor. Johann Muschik compiled term fantastic realism with Rudolf Hausner through. In the same year Rudolf Hausner issued for the first time in a group exhibition in the lock Belvedere in Vienna. Numerous international exhibitions followed. Besides Rudolf Hausner lectures held and accepted guest lecturer places in Hamburg and Tokyo . Starting from 1966 Hausner was a university professor in Hamburg and starting from 1968 professor at the academy of the forming arts in Vienna.

It published articles and books to its work and the history of art.

For the Austrian post office and the postal administration of the United Nations he sketched also stamps.


  • Apori ballet, 1946
  • forum of the inward-turned optics, 1948
  • the ark of the Odysseus, 1948-56
  • “Adam” - pictures, starting from 1956
  • Adam, why you tremble? , 1964
  • call for the defense of the personal liberty, 1971
  • frightened European, 1980
  • “Leonardo” - cycle, starting from 1979
  • memory, 1987
  • the sailor (lithography)


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