Rudolf Henz

Rudolf Henz (alias: R. Miles) (* 10. May 1897 in Göpfritz at that game (Lower Austria), † 12. February 1987 in Vienna) was a Austrian writer and director of program of the Austrian broadcast.

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1908 occurred Henz together with Jakob core the boy seminar Hollabrunn and put to 1916 the war maturity examination at the k. k. State State of Hollabrunn off. Afterwards it visited the cadet school at the theresianischen military academy. After it had carried its war service out, it studied the fan Germanistik and history of art at the University of Vienna. it attained a doctorate to 1923 to the Dr. phil.

In the coming years he worked in the catholic national education. In the year 1931 he became a director of the scientific department of the RAVAG and introduced 1932 the school radio. After the seizure of power of the national socialists it lost 1938 its posts. Henz became a free writer and made besides as a glass painter something money. In the years 1945 to 1957 he was a director of program of the Austrian broadcast. It created 1947 the Viennese and 1948 the Austrian catholic action. 1952 he was a president of the Austrian catholic daily. 1950 to 1952 it published the literature magazine “seal of the present”, starting from 1955 the literature magazine “word in the time”. Was from 1967 to 1980 Rudolf Henz president of the Austrian art senate.

honors and honours


of novels

  • the Gaukler. Munich 1932
  • nevertheless humans, a novel of war and love. Salzburg 1935
  • the courier of the emperor. Bonn 1941, Vienna 1946
  • Begnung in September. Munich 1939, Vienna 1949
  • a farmer seizes to the stars. Bonn 1943. Under the title Peter Anich, the star search. Vienna 1946
  • the large storm. Munich 1943, Vienna 1949
  • the country of the singing hills. Vienna 1954
  • the latecomers. Graz 1961


  • the home coming of the Erstgeborenen. Berlin 1934. Under the title escape into the homeland. Vienna of 1946
  • emperors Joseph II.. Vienna 1937
  • the release (passion play). Salzburg 1949
  • the Büsser. Vienna 1950
  • the large decision. Vienna 1954


  • the guard play. Berlin 1931
  • the Pfingstspiel. Vienna 1946
  • the play of the birth of the gentleman. Munich 1947
  • the ungetreuen tenants. Munich 1954
  • the large lie, Ananias and Saphira. Vienna 1949, Munich 1950


  • adding and resistance (autobiography). Graz 1963


  • poet between the times. Anniversary publication for Rudolf Henz to 80. Birthday, hrsg. v. Viktor Suchy. Vienna: Brewing Mueller 1977. ISBN 3-7003-0148-0
  • Irmtraud Letzner: The meaning of the “word” in the poetic work of Rudolf Henz. An investigation of the view of word of the poet in its lyric poetry and its Epos. Graz: Univ. Diss. 1966.
  • Erika Wögerer: Internal emigration and historical Camouflage in Austria. To the Widerstandspotenzial in the historical novels of the Rudolf Henz. Frankfurt/Main and others: Long 2004. (= European university writings; Row 1, German language and literature; 1884) ISBN 3-631-51492-1

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