Rudolf young

Rudolf young (* 16. April 1882 in Plasy with Pilsen, † 11. December 1945 in Prague) was a National Socialist party politician and theoretician of the national socialism.


after the attendance of the six-form high school in the böhmischen Iglau studied young technology to the TH in Vienna. Starting from 1906 work young as an engineering graduate at the Austrian state railway.

Already starting from 1910 young worked also politically, when it became member of the anti-capitalistic German labour party, the 1918 into German National Socialist labour party, (DNSAP), which forerunner of the NSDAP was renamed.

1912 were selected young as youngest delegates into the mährischen federal state parliament; at the same time he became a city delegate von Iglau. it went 1913 as an author in the same year of the decided Jihlava of program into action, the party program in such a way specified of the DNSAP.

Young was selected from 1919 to 1933 as a delegate of the DNSAP in the Czech parliament to Prague; starting from 1926 he was director/conductor of its party.

When those became the German SA similar grouping Saalschutz, which confirmed a forbidden party in Tschechien, young in October 1933 arrested. After seven months detention it could flee 1934 to Germany, where it followed already soon the NSDAP, whose member became he between 1934 and 1935. (The exact date could not determines to become.) likewise it became member of the SS.

1936 became young member of Reichstag, and functioned from 1937 to 1940 as a lecturer, afterwards as a professor at the university for politics in Berlin.

1940 kept the function of the president of the state labour office Central Germany with the seat in Erfurt additional to young. Its sphere of activity contained Thuringia, the provinces Saxonia and notion.

The military career leaders climbed it 1942 , when it was appointed the SS-group leader.

1944, briefly before end of the war, became young also still authorized person for the work input in its protectorate.

1945 were arrested young in Prague, and into the Pankrác - prison interns. Here he deceased few weeks later a natural death.


as authors of numerous books and writings starting from 1919 was considered to young as one of the most important theoreticians of the national socialism.

Its work “national socialism. Its bases, its career/development and its goals “, (published: 1919, further editions: 1922 and 1923) already developed before Adolf Hitlermy fight “and Alfred's of rose mountainmyth 20. Century “the largeGerman, volume-gravel-CH-racistic and anti-Semitic program of the national socialism.

Toward Hitler's program writing however Rudolf young was pushed also after its escape to Germany into the background. Therefore it had no more opportunity, Hitler's fame than “inventors” of the national socialism to diminish.

further publications

  • “the Jew question than fateful question of the German people” (published without indication of the date)
  • 1923: “The race thought in national socialism”
  • 1933: “National socialism in the Sudetendeutschtum”
  • 1937: “The Czechs: Thousand years German-Czech fight "

starting from 1919 the magazine “people and municipality became monthly on behalf the NDSAP. National Socialist monthly magazines " publishes. Co-editors were: H. Cancer and A. Schilling.


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