Rudolf Minger

Rudolf Minger (* 13. November 1881; † 23. August 1955), of Mülchi and Schüpfen , was a Swiss politician and belonged to the farmer, trade and the citizen party (BGB). Before its choice into the Upper House of Parliament he was a full-time farmer.

Itbecame to 12. December 1929 into the Upper House of Parliament selected and handed over its office to 31. December 1940. During its term of office it managed the military section and was beyond that a friend of general Henri Guisan. It was considered as clear opponents of fascism.

He was Federal President in the year 1935 and vice-president in the years 1934 and 1940.

Rudolf Minger was a farmer and had no higher education. Numerous jokes subordinated it (and its wife) unsatisfactory knowledge of the French language. Rudolf Minger (“Minger Rüedu”) is also todaystill very popular.


Karl Scheurer

member in Swiss Upper House of Parliament

of 1930-1940


Eduard von Steiger

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