Rudolf fog

Rudolf fog (* 21. March 1894 in white castle in Bavaria; † 18. September 1978 in Duesseldorf) was rocket technical designer and joint founder world-wide first of the rocket flight place in Berlin.

1927 were fog as well as Johannes Winkler involved in the establishment of the association for interplanetary aviation in Breslau. There many pioneers of the rocket technology and space travel met in the future.

In the apron of the development of liquid-propelled rockets Hermann Oberth, Alexander Borissowitsch Scherschewsky and the fog than scientific advisors of the director Fritz long, to it-pushed later, were active. For its film woman in the moon, developed after the book of his Mrs. Thea von Harbou, should be started to the premiere a genuine rocket. A co-operation with the young took place who ago already here from brown .

On the former artillery range area Tegel in Berlin Reinickendorf created nebulas and Klaus Riedel to 27. September 1930 the rocket flight place Berlin, where they researched briefly and experimented together with Hermann Oberth , who ago from brown and Heinisch. There succeeded in May 1931 the start of the first liquid-fuel rocket and the test from missiles to 1000 meters height.

Since fog rejected it to work for the military it was at the further German rocket development in grief village and Peenemuende does not take part.


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