Rudolf Prack

Rudolf Anton Prack (* 2. August 1905 in Vienna; † 2. December 1981 in Vienna) was a Austrian actor.

During its play training it completed bank teachings. After the attendance of the Reinhardt seminar it played briefly at the theatre in the Josefstadt in Vienna. The Filmschauspieler Prack turned his first film 1937. Some films to end of war 1945, which did not mean the break-through for it however yet to the film star, followed. These created it 1950 with the film Black Forest girl, when the homeland films, which coined/shaped the restaurant miracle years, became ever more popular. Its Filmrollen registered the call to him, the usually-kissed man of the German film to be.

With 71 years he withdrew himself from the film business. It died 1981 at a pneumonia. He was buried at the Hietzinger cemetery.

Filmographie (a selection)

further films: Red poppy (1956); The simple girl (1957); Homesickness…, where the flowers blüh'n (1957); The land lady doctor (1958); A journey to the luck (1958); The priest and the girl (1958); Which a woman in spring dreams (1959); From the diary of a gynecologist (1959); Homeland - your songs (1959); A heart needs love (1959); Mrs. Irene good (1961); Exchanged life (1961); Mariandls home coming (1962); Holiday in pc. Tropez (1964); Happy ending at Attersee/Happy ending at the word ago lake (1964); Call of the forests (65) three-way a high the Sanitätsgefreiten Neumann (1969); Series “courier of the empress: Secret negotiations " (1970); Mrs. Wirtin blows also gladly trumpet (1970); Luck mushrooms (1971); Fell in love holidays with Tirol (1971); If each day one Sunday was (1973); The hunter of case (1974); The banner (1977); Series of “struggle race palaces” (1981);

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