Rudolf mediator

Rudolf mediator (* 6. December 1890 in Calw; † 3. May 1955 in Munich) was a German artist. It is considered as one of the most important representatives of the new Sachlichkeit.

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mediators buildup as the youngest of six brothers and sisters and lost early his father. It visited the latin school in Calw up to the sixth class, then - starting from 1904 - made it teachings as a Porzellanmalerin Pforzheim.

His statement, it worked from the twelfth to four tenth Lebensjahr as Liftboy in a Grand hotel and at it its collection of pointed lady shoes together-stolen, which is delivered with Carl Zuckmayer, does not correspond probably to the truth.

From 1906 to 1909 visited mediator the college of arts and crafts in Stuttgart; starting from 1911 it studied at the academy of arts in Karlsruhe. Mediator teachers were and. A. William Trübner and Hans Thoma. It undertook occasionally study trips to Italy and France and got throughits painter colleague Julius Kasper of contacts to the underworld.

After it had time at the beginning of its Karlsruher still with relatives used, it lived together now with the opportunity prostitute Fanny Hablützel and sold occasionally under the alias Udor Rétyl pornographische diagrams. 1916 becameMore simply to the military drawn in, however 1918 member of the soldier advice returned in the year after after a hunger strike of the west front and became.


it had exhibitions together with Vladimir von Zabotin its first exhibition in Karlsruhe andbelonged to the joint founders of the group Rih. In the same year it moved to group of Novembers , the Secession, the citizen of Berlin Dadaisten and the KPD to Berlin and followed .

1920 it had its first single exhibition in Berlin andDada fair participated in the first international one. Approximately starting from 1922 it lived again with a prostitute, who called itself Jenny, together. From the early twenties originate many book illustrations, which mediator created. Thus he worked for instance with the OskarKiepenheuer publishing house and the Malik publishing house together. Although it had occurred few years before still group of Novembers, it belonged 1924 to the founders of the red group, which in opposition to this. In the same year he took partat the first German art exhibition in the USSR.

1925 was to be seen works of mediator in the exhibition new Sachlichkeit in Mannheim. Two years later he became acquainted with his later Mrs. Elfriede Elizabeth charcoal burner, called Speedy, and began themselvesto turn away from the policy.1931/1932 its two auto+biographic books appeared intermediate world and widerspenstige the meat. The next volume, Tönerne of feet, turned out already briefly after his appearance on the index of the Nazis. 1935 became mediator, that in the meantime in gang castlelived, impossible from the realm bibliography chamber and the realm federation of German writers. A more or less secret exhibition at its new residence Stuttgart could be made possible against it still 1936 by the support by Hugo Borst.

17 works of mediator became a little later outMuseums and exhibitions entfernd and but four shown in the exhibition art degenerated in Munich, 1938 he was excluded also from the realm chamber of the forming arts and came shortly thereafter for some months into the prison. It pulled 1939 to Munichover, where it and. A. Contact to Hans Scholl had. 1942 were ausgebombt mediators and lost thereby a part of its works. After the war it participated in the first German art exhibition in Dresden and created in Munich those New group. Its work turned to the Surrealismus now . 1953 and 1955, few weeks before its death, he had again single exhibitions in Munich. More simply died at uremia and on Munich forest cemetery was buried; the burial place is however in the meantime occupies again.

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