Rudolf of Delbrück

Rudolf of Delbrück, haven-guesses/advises Martin Friedrich Rudolf by God-dear Biermann

(1875 ) (also: Rudolph) of Delbrück (* 16. April 1817 in Berlin; † 1. February 1903 daselbst) was a Prussian and German politician.

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since 1875 was married Delbrück with a woman from the Prussian aristocracy family of Pommer ash. It published its life memories, which had been printed before only for the family circle after its death also. Delbrück did not have children, its wife brought a stepson into the marriage.

Rudolf of Delbrück belonged to a family branched out far, in 19. Century in Prussia and Germany some influential positions held. To call its father Johann Friedrich and its cousin Adelbert Delbrück are God dear to Delbrück. Also Hans Delbrück belonged to the family Delbrück.


after the study of the jurisprudence, with which it and others also lectures of Leopold of climb heard, began Delbrück 1837 the Prussian official career. 1848 it was appointed as the Ministerialdirektor in the Prussian Ministry of Trade and used themselves there particularly for the free trade . Thus the expansion of the German customs union decreased/went back to large parts to it. Also at the trade agreement with France of 1862 and at similar contracts with Belgium and Italy he participated.

Delbrück understood its liberal commercial policy, which should lead to economic growth, and which trade agreements, which should increase of Prussia meaning in Europe, quite as means, in order to secure for Prussia the supremacy opposite Austria.

Starting from 1867 Delbrück president of the Office of the Federal Chancellor north German of the federation was and was considered as “right hand” of Bismarck, whom he often represented particularly in the parliament. Its unusual expertise was recognized thereby also by political opponents.

As a trusted friend of Bismarck it led also the negotiations, which finally led to the establishment of realm of 1871. For its earnings/services to the establishment of realm it was ennobled 1896.

In again-created German realm he remained first closest coworker of Bismarck and became a president of the realm chancellorship.

Bismarck's prevention of the free trade and turn to protectionism and nationalization into the 1870er years encountered with Delbrück, which remained faithful for its liberalism, refusal. After plan secretly held admits of Bismarck before Delbrück to put the railways under state control became, it withdrew 1876 from its office. This break, symptomatically for the intensifying tensions between the liberals and Bismarck, gave the first cause for the chancellor crisis from 1876 to 1878.

After the break with Bismarck the non-party Delbrück began national liberal constituency to the realm tag choice 1878 in one otherwise and with clear majority was selected. Up to the next choice 1881 it remained member of Reichstag and fought there as parliamentary group-loose engaged, but unsuccessfully the policy of customs protectionism and the social legislation beginning of Bismarck, which it regarded as anti-liberal and budgetistic.

After its death its “life memoriesappeared, which covered however only the time to 1867.


  • life memories, 1817 - 1867. 2 volumes. Duncker and Humblot, Leipzig 1905


Web on the left of renewal of the customs treaty of 1867, substantially by Delbrück


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