Rudolf of Thadden

Rudolf Joachim of Thadden (* 20. June 1932on property Trieglaff, Pommern), Professor. Dr.phil et Dres. h.c., a German historian is and was a professor for middle ones and newer history at the university Goettingen.

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Thadden comes of an old pommerschen aristocracy sex and is the son of the Dr.jur. et Dr.theol. h.c. Pure old of Thadden (1891-1976), founders and honorary president of the German Evangelist church conference, and Elizabeth Freiin of Thüngen (1893-1988).

He married to 28. August 1958 in Goettingen Dr.phil. Wiebke Fesefeldt (* 7. July 1931), authoress of historical youth literature, the daughter of the university lecturer and industrial physicist Dr.rer.nat. Hans Fesefeldt and the Dr.phil. Ilse Hoffmann. Both have four children.

Its aunt was the 1944 of the national socialists executed Widerstandskämpferin Elizabeth von Thadden (1890-1944).

His brother Franz Lorenz von Thadden (1924-1979) was CDU - Member of the Bundestag (1969-1972) and died 1979 with an aircraft crash into Ecuador , where it as a director/conductor of the Caritas - overseas assistance of development projects examined.

Its Stiefonkel Adolf of Thadden (1921-1996) took politically another direction and became 1967 Federal leaders of the NPD, to whose founders he belonged.


Thadden studied history, theology and Rome anise TIC at the Universities of Tübingen, Paris and in Goettingen and became 1958 in Goettingen the Dr. phil. attained a doctorate. 1967 followed even there the Habilitation. In the following it received its first Dozentur , a chair agency at the University of Hanover and 1968 to year followed it a call as a tidy professor to the seminar for middle ones and newer history of the George August university Goettingen, where it remained up to its retirement. 1974/1975 he was besides a rector of the philosophical faculty in Goettingen and belonged to the senate of the West German rector conference .

French-German co-operation

1983 was in the context of French-German co-operation strongly engaged of Thadden as a guest professor to the Ecole striking width unit of the Etudes EN Sciences Sociales in Paris actively, where it held a further chair between 1989 and 1992. From 1985 to 1994 he was besides a president of the French-German institute in Ludwigsburg. Beyond that it manages the today's donation Genshagen with Berlin Brandenburgi Institut for French-German co-operation in Europe since 1994 as a director and was from 1999 to 2003 co-ordinator for the French-German co-operation of the Federal Government. In the year 2000 commander of the French Ehrenlegion became from Thadden.

main points of research

apart from French-German co-operation and the French history of the modern times form above all Prussian history since that for 17 century, the comparative culture history of Europe and church history the main points of research of Thaddens, whereby it regards the latters particularly from the point of view of society history. Beside numerous works to these topics (among other things its standard work questions at Prussia) he wrote further writings for the history of the Huguenots, the liberalism as well as essay to history and present. Besides it is since 1997 publishers of the row Genshagener of discussions.



  • 1976 member of the scientific adviser George hitting a corner ore - institute for international school book research in Braunschweig
  • 1984 member of the presidency of the German Evangelist church conference
  • 1991-93 member of the establishment senate of the European university Viadrina in Frankfurt/or, besides Gründungsdekan of the there culture-scientific faculty
  • member of the Saxonian Academy of Sciences to Leipzig
  • member of the Académie universal ones of the Cultures into of Paris

works (selection)

  • the brandenburgisch Prussian Hofprediger in 17. and. 18. Century. A contribution for the history of the absolutist state company in Brandenburg Prussia, Berlin 1959.
  • Restoration and napoleonisches inheritance. The administrative centralism as political problem in France (1814-1830) , Wiesbaden 1972.
  • Questions at Prussia. To the history of a waived State of, Munich 1981.
  • The Huguenots 1685-1985 (publisher), Munich Paris 1985.
  • Lay church history. Selected essays, Goettingen 1989.
  • Not native country, not foreigner. Essay to history and present, Munich 1989.
  • Bridge ways to Europe, 2003.


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