Rudolph Giuliani

Rudolph Giuliani

Rudolph William Louis “Rudy” Giuliani (* 28. May 1944 in Brooklyn, New York) is an US-American politician.

It was 107. Mayor of New York of the 1. January 1994 to 31. December 2001 and worked by prudent actingafter the terrorist attacks of the 11. September 2001 on the World trade center in its city.

Its peace and successful guidance of the city during this crisis brought in the honor „person OF the Year for it 2001 “by the US-American magazine TIME. The British queen Elizabeth II.struck it to 13. February 2002 to „the Knight OF the British Empire “(shortened KBE). Giuliani received the German medium price 2001 in Baden-Baden.

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law career

after its conclusion to the New York University Law School 1968 it occurred 1970 the office of the United States Attorney (Federal State bar). With 29 years he was a deputy public prosecutor.

The lawyer was gotten 1975 into the US Ministry of Justice.Here it held the point of view successfully in an important procedure that it had also called, had given „no political repression “in Haiti under president Jean Claude Duvalier, „baby Doc “. Starting from 1977 he works in New Yorker law offices.

Four years later it was Associate Attorney generaland thereby the third-highest function in the US law department held. The further career led 1983 to its appointment as „the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District OF New York “(= Federal State lawyer).

Here Giuliani won first national meaning in the USA. In this office he was counsel for the prosecution inseveral important processes, including the accusations because of Insidergeschäften against the prominent barrier Street - sizes of Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken. Giuliani encountered also criticism, because he arranged gladly public-effective arrests, which ended occasionally later instead of in a court hearing in releases from lack of proofs.

Giuliani began its political working first as a democrat and could later than independent being registered. Since 1976 it belongs to the republicans .

mayors of New York

Rudolph Giuliani als Bürgermeister New Yorks
Rudolph Giuliani as a mayor new Yorks

in the competition around the follow-up of the separating city head OD cook Giuliani was subject 1989 as a candidate to the republican party and the liberal a party the democrat David Dinkins, which became as first black ones a New Yorker mayor.

Four years later Giuliani stood as a candidate successfully against office holder Dinkins in a choice, which divided the city after its rassischen groupings.Giuliani profited by it also from the support of the US president Bill Clinton to favour of the democrat Dinkins. 1997 were confirmed Giuliani by the voters with large majority in the office.

first office period

in its first electoral period (1994-1998) went through Giuliani the problem of the criminalitya strict „Law and order “- politics on. It introduced an offensive and successful police monitoring, which led to a reduction of the drop numbers in nearly all crime categories. Giuliani set the so-called in New York.Zero-tolerance strategy over.

By the effective policy the picture new Yorks changed itself inthe eyes of the tourists and the citizens. The impression of a crime-troubled metropolis, how it existed in the years its term of office ago, yielded that a pulsating, safe large city. There was less Graffiti in the undergrounds and an economic recovery, because itself the people also at night in the free one felt again safe.

Critics criticized that the intensified police operational readiness level had led to more distrust with the black ones and other minorities in relation to the order guardians. Among that better well-known incidents with police brutality during Giulianis term of office rank the death of the unarmed Amadou Diallo and the use of force in Polizeigewahrsamopposite Abner Louima.

Giuliani gave

second office period the terrorist attacks toward end to its second term of office (1998-2002) the possibility of showing guidance characteristics in a national disaster. It kept trade of center at the 11 after the collapse of the two towers of the World. September 2001 peace andOverview. The mayor steered the necessary measures of the city administration effectively and donated the survivors of the victims, particularly also those the New Yorker fire-brigade, comfort.


in both office periods was controversially discussed Giulianis measures. It created it, in these eight years thoseCriminality rate in the city around approximately 57% to reduce, lowered the local taxes around approximately 2.3 billion US Dollar and strove for the job creation.

new manipulation

after its law-conditioned separating from the office - there is only two electoral periodspermitted - the lawyer created a consulting firm to the emergency and crisis management.2002 appeared a book with the title, written by Giuliani, „Leadership “.

In the year 2000 it applied against Hillary Rodham Clinton for the seat of the Federal State New York in the US senate. It pulled itsApplication however in the election campaign back. This was to be due mainly to one with it diagnosed Prostatakrebs and its except-conjugal relationship with Judith Nathan, which had arrived during the election campaign at the light of the public. Giuliani was married at that time still with Donna Hanover. ThoseBefore became divorced. He married Judith Nathan in May 2003 and has with it a son and a daughter.


  • Giuliani, Rudolph (2002). Leadership - responsibility in difficult time. Goldmann. ISBN 3-442-15261-5.

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