Ruin fern castle

fern castle

the ruin fern castle lies in Swiss municipality Ormalingen in the half canton Basel landscape.

The fern castle was built for 1330 by the Mr. von Thierstein. After their becoming extinct took over the Mr. von Falkenstein this castle. Hans and Thomas von Falkenstein followed 1440 the house having castle and take part on its side actively at the old Zurich war.

While the oath comrades 1444 besieged the city Zurich, the Falkensteiner attacked the city Brugg and set these in fire. Afterwards they withdrew themselves to the fern castle, where a Swiss federal army of scarcely 1500 followed them men and besieged the castle. The departure FE storage army direction Basel and the battle with pc., following on it. To the Jakobs to burst of 26. August 1444, in which the Swiss federal army was completely destroyed, saved the life to the defenders of the fern castle. Following the battle of pc. To the Jakobs to burst from Basel led war against the Austrian gesinnten aristocracy families led to the political and economic collapse of the house falcon stone.

1461 acquired the city Basel the castle and continued to develop it. 1798 were driven out the urban Vogt and the castle by land people into fire was. The same happened in the castles forest castle and thorn oh. The ruin was used thereafter as quarry and disintegrated rapidly.

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