Broadcast fee representative

broadcast fee-assigned is main or sideline active independent subcontractors of the German national broadcasting corporations. They are called colloquially also GEZ testers. They control the adherence to the obligation to pay in them assigned the area in accordance with the broadcast fee convention. They have every now and then beside the documents of identification that the respective national broadcasting corporation also documents of identification of the central fee administration GEZ, to which they have however no contractual relation, even if this mistake is common.

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tasks and activity area

for as complete a collection of all broadcast participants as possible - also under the criterion of the fee justice - employ the national broadcasting corporations the Rundfunkgebührenbeautragten, which take over the determinations and control of the chargeable ones for it. Since a certain percentage of the broadcast recording devices for different reasons is not announced correctly not or, those are locally used broadcast fee assigning on the part of the national broadcasting corporations for the correct registration and consultation of the broadcast participants. Their tasks can be summarized as follows:

  1. Distribution of information on the registration and holding ready broadcast recording devices (radio and television sets) as well as over the payment of the broadcast fees (reason and licence fee)
  2. Veranlassung of the broadcast participants for the registration of the receivers held ready by them as well as for the payment of broadcast fees
  3. consultation of the broadcast participants concerning all questions to the obligation to pay

in Germany gives it at present approximately to 5000 broadcast fee-assigned. These get its firm local activity area (so-called assigning area with conclusion of a contract of the national broadcasting corporations, approx. 100,000 inhabitants) assigned. She received for everyone of you determined, so far not announced announce-requiring radio or television set a commission again. The broadcast fee-assigned accomplish their order after own discretion and on own risk, whereby the national broadcasting corporations expect a regular all day activity.

Legal powers and obligations

broadcast fee-assigned have after a judgement of the Federal Finance Court (BFH) <ref> BFH of 14. December 1978 I R 121/76 (BFHE 126, 311, BStBl. II 1979, 188)< /ref> no sovereign powers, since are entitled to the broadcast fee-assigned no Zwangsbefugnisse (the so-called operation right).

The assigned one is not justified to let its tasks of third notice still to be allowed the contractually taken over tasks with unauthorized third to be implemented.

A broadcast representative can of broadcast participants and of persons, with whom actual reference points are present that they hold a radio ready to the receipt, information above ground, height and requires period of their obligation to pay. This information can be required also by persons, who live with the broadcast participant in domestic community. A round radio operator intermediary may not cause the signature under a GEZ registration by threat or deception. He can note however „registration-relevant “references in its „determination report “. Notices of departure can be requested not with the round radio operator intermediary, but are only directly with the GEZ possible.


there the fee-assigned after success - thus after the number newly announced participant and the height of the driven additional payments - to be provisioniert , are them at an appropriate success pressure. Since the fee-assigned are equipped with no further legal powers except with the national broadcasting corporations after the broadcast fee convention which is entitled the requirement for information, the determination efforts of the fee-assigned blackrather often take place against real or alleged in a legal gray area. Reports of the press, after which by assigned one individual with the search legal borders were exceeded (e.g. Intimidation or deception), could be explained thereby. The activity of the fee-assigned is subject however to control of the responsible national broadcasting corporation, which follows to messages over failure of the fee-assigned.

Data security

for data security-legal control of the broadcast-assigned the commisioners for data protection of the responsible national broadcasting corporation and/or the Land of the Federal Republic are responsible.

Image of the broadcast fee-assigned

the reputation of the broadcast fee-assigned in the society is rather bad, which is justified above all in the fact that the permitted determinations and controls of the fee-assigned informer services and/or. Schnüfflern to be associated. Also alone the circumstance opposes a generally possible positive image that it in practice of its occupation their clientele usually undeclared and surprisingly among other things visit also in the evening hours. Also those on the average nearly one million by the fee-assigned determined Schwarzsseher report naturally reluctantly in praising way on these. Straight ones on the popularity scale of young people stand the broadcast fee-assigned in lowest place, since many would like themselves to extract from the charge metering consciously by their Nichtanmeldung as long as possible or after a too late registration with a substantial additional payment confronted itself to see.

In particular the boulevard press and the comparable report magazines of the private television use the bad Buben-image and present themselves gladly as lawyers “more pursued” citizens, by it on actual or alleged right offences of fee-assigned partially reisserisch and unobjectively report. But renomierte daily papers draw partially the picture of the “bad tester”: “This man is furious. This man complains on. The eyes disapprovingly together-pinched, the mouth sharpened, the oversize index finger accusing toward its opposite directed - and then the reproach: “You did not pay! "" <ref> Resident of Munich Merkur of 08. March 2006< /ref>. Also in news magazines those the broadcast fee-assigned attributed methods for the collection accompanied by possible new participants critically <ref>Press documentation on< /ref>.

Characteristics with the house attendance locally

Beschimpungen and bodily injuries

during their activity practice are the broadcast fee-assigned compared with other occupational groups increase insults or the risk of a bodily injury by its clientelesuspended. Every now and then both female and male broadcast fee-assigned are wildly insulted up to the murder threat or to fall a spitting attack or impacts to the victim.

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